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Top 10 Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

Top 10 Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

You’re stuck at home, bored out of your mind, and sitting on the couch watching TV shows on Netflix you don’t really care about. You hear the door to your apartment open. It’s your friends, who’ve come over to hang out for a bit. Suddenly, an idea pops into your head. Why not mess with them for a bit? It’s all harmless, and it would give you something productive to do. You tell yourself that you friends would do the same thing to you in a heartbeat. So, you begin to think of a ‘friend prank’ or two to enact. Fortunately, your friends are coming back again tomorrow, so there’s no rush to do something today. Take this time to think of the top pranks to pull on your friends.

Fill their cup with salt water

If one of your friends is thirsty, offer to get them some water. In reality, you are about to pull your first ‘friend prank’. This prank is really very simple. All you need to do is get a glass of water, and then pour a huge amount of salt into the glass. Remember to swirl the salt around, though, or else your friend will immediately know that something’s not right. Once your friend has the water, wait patiently for them to drink it. Don’t give yourself away, just act as if everything is normal. Finally, they’ll raise the cup to their lips, drink the water, and know instantly that what they just drank isn’t regular water! 

Put a mouse in between the cushions of the couch

Do you want to really scare your friends? This friend prank will undoubtedly enable you to do just that! The first thing you’re going to want to do is to go and buy a fake rubber mouse from the store. Try to find one that isn’t too big since a huge mouse won’t fit in between the couch cushions. After you’ve done this, stuff it in between two cushions on your couch where your friends usually sit. However, you’ll need to think of something that will make your friend reach down and feel around between the cushions. Perhaps you can tell them that the remote to the TV fell between them and ask them to look for it. 


Put hot sauce on your friend’s burger

This is an old, but effective, friend prank. The biggest problem with this prank is that you’ll need to actually get your hands on a burger that your friend is about to eat. Having them get some fast food before they arrive is the easiest way to accomplish this, although there is the risk that your friend may eat theirs before they arrive or eat it immediately when they get there. You could cook them a hamburger instead, but this may take a while if you don’t know how to do it. It may be better to just take the risk of ordering food from Burger King or somewhere. Once you can convince your friend to leave their burger for a bit, put the hot sauce on and wait for their reaction!

Put tape on TV sensors

If your friend is really into TV (maybe there’s a football game on they want to watch) you can mess with them a bit with this friend prank. Simply put some clear tape over the TV sensor so that the remote control will be unable to work. Watch your friend get ever more anxious as they start to freak out and tell you they’re going to miss the game! For even more fun, suggest that the batteries may be dead or something and that you think you may have some extra ones around somewhere. Take your time searching for them and, if your friend decides to watch it on their phone, turn the wi-fi off! 

Pretend to spill milk on your friend

This is actually a really ingenious friend prank that you can pull. You’re going to need a couple of things to make this prank effective, though. First, and most importantly, buy a bottle of glue. If you have time, get a gallon of milk, as well, although this isn’t necessary. Now comes the cool part! Coat the inside of a glass with the glue so that it looks like it’s full of milk. When you pretend to tip it over, your friend will spring up and look down at their shirt which they will expect to see covered with milk. If you want to go the extra mile, have the gallon of milk out next to the glass so that your friend will automatically assume that you poured yourself a glass!


Fake baby

This friend prank, if it works, will really startle your friend. Head to the store and buy yourself a baby doll (tell the cashier that it’s for your niece if you get any funny looks). When you get back, wrap the doll up in a blanket and toss it on your bed until your friend arrives. Make sure your door is closed the entire time they’re there. So, your friend arrives and starts to talk to you. You quickly tell them to shush and say that you’re babysitting for your older sister. If your friend knows you don’t have an older sister, tell them you adopted a baby or something. Ask them if they want to see the baby, and then go and grab the covered doll from your bed. The rest is up to you!

Ice Bottle

This is probably the simplest friend prank on this list, since all it involves is you sticking a plastic water bottle in the freezer. When your friend arrives at your place, ask them if they want a water to drink. If they say yes, go into the kitchen, open the freezer, and take out the now frozen water bottle. Head back into the living room and hand them the bottle. When they pick up the water bottle and see that it’s completely frozen, they’ll look at you with an expression that says “Really?” In response, tell them that it was the only one you had left. Be sure to keep a straight face when you say this, or else the joke will be ruined!

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Fake poop

The effectiveness of this friend prank rests on whether you have a pet or not. If you do, then you’re in luck! Have your friend go and fetch something from the kitchen and, when they’re gone, quickly take the fake poop out of your pocket and put it on the ground next to your pet. When your friend comes back, wait a bit and then bring their attention to the fake poop on the ground. Odds are that your friend will be a little grossed out. Play along and admonish you pet (gently, since they didn’t do it), and then go over and pick up the poop with your bare hands!

Pretend to fall down stairs

Pretending to fall down the stairs is a friend prank that is also known as the ‘Do you really care what happens to me’ prank. For this prank to work, you’re going to need your friend to be out of sight of the stairs, but not too far away to hear what happens. When you are confident that your friend is in the perfect spot, throw something heavy down the stairs and yell loudly. If your friend comes running to see if you’re alright, let them stay and hang out with you. If they don’t get up or don’t even turn around, kick them out immediately and never speak to them again. Trip them on their way out if you can.

Steal keys and pretend to faint

This friend prank, like the previous, doubles as a ‘friendship test’. After your friend arrives, pay attention to see whether they put their keys on the table, or keep them in their pocket. If they decided to hold onto them, come up with an excuse to go out to their car to grab something. Open the door and walk outside for 30 seconds or so. Sit on the step if you want. When you’re ready to go back inside, throw the keys into a nearby bush. Wait for some time to pass, and then start to complain of a headache. When your have your friend’s attention, fall over and pretend to faint. Your friend will frantically look for their keys but be unable to find them as you lie on the floor of the living room. 


Have you done any of these friend pranks before. Would you be willing to do them now? Let us know in the comments below!