10 Posts From Temple’s Freshman Facebook Group That Will Give You Life

With freshman year comes the freshman Facebook group. These are the top posts from Temple's freshman Facebook Group that are hilarious and relatable.

Every college has a Facebook group for each class as a way to meet people and to see a glimpse of who you’ll be going to school with. These groups have a variety of posts, ranging from autobiographies in the hopes of finding a roommate, textbook selling/buying opportunities, Greek life events, and so much more. As the year progresses, the posts become more specific to your university. Temple University’s Class of 2020 Facebook group is no exception. Here are 10 posts from Temple’s freshman Facebook group that will make you laugh, a little confused, but mostly sad that you’re not apart of it!

1. If Sprout can get his diploma so can y’all

Every student goes through the thought process of wanting to drop our of college. If seeing a cute dog isn’t inspiration to get through your remaining years of college, I don’t know what is.


2. Chick-Fil-A is officially coming to Temple for Fall 2017 and beyond. You’re welcome.

For everyone who doesn’t go to Temple, our student center is getting completely redone this summer. The student center is the place to go for lunch Monday through Friday, so it’ll be an exciting new change with way more variety. Goodbye Wrap & Roll, hello Chick-Fil-A!

3. Proud of You Toby

One of our most famous alumni just so happens to be a TV show character. From the popular show “The Office”, Toby Flenderson graduated from Temple and us students couldn’t be more proud to let the world know.

4. How the past 3 days have been where I live

Toward the end of February, the weather was, to say the least, obnoxious. It would be warm one day and then snowing the next. This post is so true that it got 103 likes!


5. RIP Morgan bird

One of our two all-you-can-eat dining halls, residing in Morgan Hall, had a bird fly around in the ceiling for weeks. One day it just disappeared, and most students took notice. Rest in peace Morgan bird, you’ll be greatly missed.


6. Who the fuck did the rain dance?

Besides being a humongous wind tunnel, Temple’s campus is also known to be a giant swimming pool when it rains. The past few days have been rainy and miserable.

7. When you’re just relaxing and thinking about spring break, but then realize all the exams you gotta survive through to make it there.

Spring break is all about fun with your friends from home that you haven’t seen since winter break and not thinking about any of your responsibilities. It just so happens that all of your professors schedule tests, quizzes, and projects during the week before spring break, just to make sure no one’s given up yet. Little do they know that we all gave up after the first two weeks of the semester.

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8. Currently looking for a meal swipe daddy.

Temple was recently ranked the school with the most Sugar Babies. It’s super easy to blow through your meal swipes in three days instead of the week you’re allotted to use them. That being said, meal swipe Sugar Daddies aren’t actually a bad idea. I wonder if that’s what all of these Sugar Babies are using their “Daddies” for!

9. Me if the Dunkin Donuts on Broad and Cecil tells me that they’re out of caramel/coffee flavors one more time.

It is universally known by all Temple students that the one Dunkin’ Donuts on campus is never reliable with their coffee flavor choices. If you need your coffee fix, definitely hit up Saxby’s or Starbucks instead, and save yourself the heartbreak.

10. Shoutout Stella

The most recent Nor’easter was named after our beloved live owl mascot, Stella, or at least that’s what we like to think. Stella is one tough owl, just like this past storm. She makes it to all of our home football and basketball game, while maintaining her various social media platforms!

Are there any other posts from Temple’s freshman Facebook group that you love!? Share in the comments below!

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