10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

Post grad problems are just around the corner for every college graduate preparing to cross the stage with an expensive degree. Yes, it’s an honor to graduate but that doesn’t solve real world issues that all college students will face at some point in their young adult life. Here are 10 post grad problems every new graduate faces.

1. Going Home

After graduating from college, in recent years most college students return home. This dilemma isn’t necessarily by choice. For the most part, the economy just doesn’t have enough jobs to cater to the abundance of college students receiving degrees. This post grad problem stirs up statistics when it comes to adults continuing to live with their parents.

10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

2. No Jobs

Most college graduates can relate to the hardship of finding their first career based job after graduating. Note to self, job searching is a complete nightmare. In this point of life, a lot of post grads find themselves becoming depressed or losing self-esteem. But the deal is a lot of people struggle to find jobs. Keep your head up, your time to shine is coming.

3. Loss Of Friends

Your social life will decline. The fact is school provides a hub for social interactions with a group of like-minded people with a common interest. However, your college friends will steadily move forward into getting a career. Post grad problems with friendships aren’t something you should take personally. Friends come and go. Chances are you will make amazing friends as you enter into a career and join new activities.

10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

4. Having Too Much Time On Your Hands

All the sudden you will have a lot of time after you graduate. Post grad problems often start with having too much time with little going on in life. Having time during college may seem like a luxury. But once graduating, individuals almost feel worthless when they wake up and realize they have nothing productive to do. No homework, no studying, no job and so on. The best advice is to keep yourself busy and work toward something you look forward too such as traveling.

5. Working In A Job You’re Overqualified For

Yep, it’s back to flipping burgers or selling clothes. With the economy not being in the best shape post grad problems are centered around not being able to obtain a good career. Yearning for money to live off, college grads turn to jobs such as retail, food and seasonal employment. With college grads taking these jobs, high schoolers are barely left with any options. But sometimes these part-time jobs help college grads develop skills in communication, math and customer service.

10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

6. Depression

It can definitely be discouraging to obtain a degree and not see any results from it. However, one must always try to move forward and continue utilizing a positive mindset. Depression happens to the best of them and it’s easy to fall in a dark hole. And that’s why college graduates must surround themselves with positive people and keep themselves busy.

7. Comparing Yourself To Your Friends

College students should not compare themselves to their friends. These comparisons only harm an individual’s self-esteem and can guide people to follow the wrong path. Following your heart is all that matter. What feels right to your friend may not feel right to you. Therefore, it’s time for college students to acknowledge their own path.

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10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

8. Negative Advice

Your supportive family members and friends may not always be supportive. Not everyone in your life wants to see you successful. In reality, there are ugly people in the world. They may say your accomplishments are good but often times they will try to steer you away from your goals or bring you down because they are jealous. Seek out who your real friends are because true friends build you up. They don’t ever knock you down.

9. Adulting

Once you’re out of college it’s apparent that growing up hits you right in the face until you wish you were a kid again. Meaning the loans you took out for your college classes are due. Eventually, you will have to get health care and soon other bills will sprout up beside you.

10 Post Grad Problems Every New Graduate Faces

10. Decisions Of Going Back To College

Once you have received your bachelor’s degree there will be some time in between to figure out if you want to take a break or get your masters degree. The post grad problems begin to kick in and getting a master’s degree begins to seem really far away. Don’t doubt yourself, if a masters degree is what you want than go after it. Chances are a masters degree will lighten your load because it makes you stand out over the many people with a bachelor’s degree.

Post grad problems are no joke. If you’re already ruining into some of these issues, just know you are not alone. Let us know in the comment section how post grad life has been for you.

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