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10 Possessions None Of Us Could Ever Live Without

10 Possessions None Of Us Could Ever Live Without

What are some of the most prized possessions you have in your life?

Do you have a car sitting in the garage that you adore? Or a trophy or medal you won in a championship game? Perhaps your gaming console is the love of your life, or your phone may already have that spot.

Now take all of the things you consider to be your most prized possessions, no matter their value, and then ask yourself this: could you ever see a life without those things?


Most of us probably couldn’t bare the thought of life without that dream car, or our cellphones or video games, but there are some things that hold much more real importance in our lives than most things of material value.

If you don’t believe me, just check out these 10 different things that not a single one of us could ever live without:

1. Dreams & Ambitions

One thing we can’t live without, no matter who we are, are our dreams and ambitions.


Everybody should have some goals to set out for on this journey called life. Without anything to push yourself to work toward, life just wouldn’t have much direction, and life without direction tends to run into a dead end.

Having goals and achieving them as well as having dreams and working to live them through are what bring us satisfaction as people, and nothing is more satisfying than achieving what we really want to achieve!

2. Education

Knowledge is power. This has been a true statement throughout all points in human history.


The further we move forward in time, the more important having your education becomes. Having smarts on a vast majority of subject and matters that you wouldn’t ever learn about in the classroom will help you be more aware of the world around you.

Take the time to study politics, how investing works and so much more. Educate yourself, because you can’t live without a lot of knowledge!


3. Sleep

Who else is guilty of hitting the snooze button a thousand times in a row when you know you have to get up?

We all love to sleep because it’s so relaxing, and we should all know that it’s something that we can’t live without. Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to waking up each day with the energy to go out and put a full effort toward things that are important like work, school and any extra activities you may take part in.

There as are energy drinks out there, and there is coffee, but this is a list of thing we can’t live without. Get your sleep!


4. Music

Life without any sort of rhythm and sound would be very, very dry.

Not all of us can sing, play an instrument or write a song, but the art and love for music is embedded within each and every one of us. We may not be able to sing, but we can all hum a tune. So what if you can’t play some real drums to create a beat; your palms against the table top work just fine.

Music is one of the great cures for boredom and a great ignitor of energy for all of us. That’s something we just can’t live without!


5. Family & Friends

We can’t live without love. Without love, we don’t have a care or passion for anything, and that is a dangerously bad feeling to have in this world.

We can’t live without the ones we love most. Without them, loneliness will consume us, take over and slowly destroy our minds. We wouldn’t have anybody to share our highs and express our lows to.


We can’t live with a complete lack of love and support. Our friends, family, significant other and even our pets are there to give us all of that and then some!

6. Money

Currency is needed for us to buy the things we really want, like the cars, the clothes, and all the other possessions that enhance our lives.

However, money is also required to buy the things we actually need, like groceries and a roof over our heads for protection.


There’s so much more to life than being rich, but money ultimately is something that we need to have in our pockets!

7. Food & Drink

It’s almost like I just mentioned groceries as being something we need in life.

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We all know that being hydrated and well nourished are vital to our survival. Eating healthier foods and drinking more water is the best way to go if you want to live a healthier and (hopefully) longer life!

8. Hygiene

We can’t live without proper hygiene. We can not!


Making hygiene a priority means that you’re taking your health very seriously. Showering or bathing is important for cleansing yourself and keeping the outside of your body clean, while brushing your teeth is important for keeping your chompers in great condition.

Be sure to clip your nails, keep your ears clean, wash your face, moisturize your skin and do all the other little things to maintain a high and healthy level of hygiene!


9. Wifi

Life is pretty hard to live nowadays without internet service, am I right?

Wifi is something that we can’t live without in this day and age. Most of the things we use on a daily basis to perform important tasks; cellphones and computers in particular — won’t operate at their maximum potential without wifi connection.

In a world where electronics run the show, wifi is something we can’t live without. 


10. Faith

Lastly, we have one of the only things that will always keep us going in life when everything else seems to wrong.

Having hope and faith is so important for our mental and emotional health. If we don’t have high hopes and strong faith, our mind will never be able to win the fight against struggles and hardships.

Never lose your hope or faith in life. We can’t live without it!


There’s a whole lot that we really want to have in life and a much smaller list of things that we really need. Hopefully this list helps you prioritize what matters most!

What is one thing that you could never live without? Share what’s #1 in your heart in the comments!

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