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10 Positive April Fools Pranks You Can Still Do

10 Positive April Fools Pranks You Can Still Do

We are in the middle of March and that means that April Fools Day, April 1st, is almost here. It’s the one day of the year where you get to put friends and family on edge while they discover your positive April fool pranks that you set up around the house. Not sure what kinds of positive April fool pranks to play on your loved ones this year? Well lucky for you we have 10 great ideas in our article below.

1. Insect Lamps

A funny positive April fools pranks that require minimum work is an insect in the lamps trick. Just take pieces of paper and cut them out into shapes of spiders and centerpieces and any other kind of insect you can think of. Place them inside of the lamp hanging against the outer rim. When the lamp turns on it will give off the impression of a bug creeping and crawling around in there!


2. Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat

This is a good trick for if you have a college roommate or an office work buddy. If they have one of those chairs where they can adjust the height, this will help the prank work better because of the extra bounce it causes when someone sits on them. Duck tap a ready-to-go airhorn just under the seat and once they sit they’ll be so startled by the unexpected loud noise.

3. Caramel Onions

It’s the exact same as caramel apples on a stick, but using onions instead. Make sure its a nice round onion, stick attached, dipped in caramel and completely covered. Serve and enjoy their reaction!

4. Oreo With Toothpaste Filling

This is one of the silly positive April fools pranks that get them almost every time. It’s going to take a little time on your part to dig out the actual cream filling from the select amount of Oreos. Then you need to refill them with white minty toothpaste, but not too much so that it gives off the same illusion.


5. Replace All Of The Family Photos In The House With The Same Celebrity

Replaying the family photos in the house with the same celebrity and slowly watching your family members catch on is so hilarious and one of the most harmless positive April fools pranks that you can do. Just make sure to keep the real photos in a safe place.

6.Mento Ice Bombs

If you own an ice cube tray then this prank will work wonders. Freeze one mentos candy in each other the ice cube. When someone needs a class a soda, offer them some ice cube with it to serve it nice and cold. Watch it bubble over!


7. Cellophane Wrap Someone’s Car

This is another fun harmless positive April fools pranks that might cost you a bit of package of cellophane and a few minutes of your time. Wrap the cellophane all around your friend’s car while they are at work or in the grocery store. Be sure to catch their reaction when they walk out to see their car has been gift wrapped!

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8. Card Board Dinner

This one is a bit extreme positive April fools pranks but can bring a funny result. If you tell your friends that you are going to be making chicken cutlets for dinner. Then you grab a piece of cardboard that you cut into the shape of a chicken cutlet. Dip both sides in egg yolk, roll around in bread crumbs and “fry”. Be careful on the frying, you want it to look believable not start a fire. Serve and enjoy their reactions!


9. Candy Bowl Mixed With M&M’s, Skittles, And Reeses Pieces

There is nothing funnier than when someone dips their hands into an open candy bowl expecting to get a mouth full of chocolate and it turns out to be a mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and fruit flavors that do not go well together!

10. Changing All Contact’s In Friend’s Phone To  “It’s A Mystery”

Confusing the heck out of your friends when they go to make a phone call and can’t tell who is who is a hilarious positive April fools pranks! At least on your part. To them, they may not be so happy, but April Fools!


Which are these April fools pranks are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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