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30 Positive Affirmations For Each Area Of Your Life

30 Positive Affirmations For Each Area Of Your Life

Using a positive affirmation can really boost the quality of your life. You start to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one! Even better, there are affirmations that you can use in each part of your life.

Before we dive into what positive affirmation you should use, it’s best to learn about affirmations and how to work with them. The biggest tip? Affirmations are best used with goal setting!

“You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich” – Jim Carrey

Affirmations are basically positive statements that you repeat to yourself. There are two ideas behind it:

  • If you reinforce the idea enough times, your brain truly starts to believe it
  • You are putting the positive vibe out in the Universe, the Law of Attraction kicks in and you receive your wildest dreams

That being said, the Universe doesn’t appreciate laziness. You still have to work to achieve. Here are some tips when working with affirmations.

  • Dedicate time each day- take time each day to dedicate a few minutes of your affirmation practice. Try to find at least 5 minutes and a quiet space to repeat your positive affirmation or multiple ones. 
  • Practice deep breathing- Deep breathing with the help you relax your mind and focus on what’s important at that moment.
  • Journal about them- Journal after your experience. How did it feel? Do you feel ready to tackle whatever it is?
  • Write them down and bring them with you- Sometimes one practice isn’t going to get you through the day. I am the same way. I love to write my affirmations down and pin them up on my board at work or keep them in my purse when I’m out.
  • Use the present tense- Using the present tense makes it attainable. It is your reality, not a future possibility.
  • Goal setting– Just like Jim Carrey said you can’t do your affirmations and just leave them there. You have to put in some kind of work. You can’t do affirmation practices on friendships and then never talk to new people. 

Now that you know what a positive affirmation is and the best ways to use them, here are 30 positive affirmations for all areas of life. 


In life, we lose friends and we gain unexpected friends. Sometimes, we want to grow a new tribe that really fuels our life. Being a new adult and seeking adult friendships is hard! You’re working on a Tuesday and they’res off, but you’re off on Friday, and that’s their Monday. Things come up and life happens or it seems like you can just never maintain the friendships.


Putting the vibe out there that you are seeking long-term friendships is key to growing your soul-sister tribe. Using a positive affirmation can you help you get the friends you are looking for. Try the following 5:

  1. I am worthy of positive friendships and companionship
  2. I have deep connections with those I meet
  3. My friendships are filled with love and joy
  4. I open to new connections
  5. I am free to express my true self around my friends

Work/ Money

I am all about attracting more money. But again, you still have to align your day to day with your goals and affirmations. So don’t forget to, you know, actually go to work. Work is another topic that people really struggle with. We all want our dream job that makes us happy to wake up each morning. To earn your highest potential, here are 5 affirmations you can try:

  1. I am grateful for opportunities to increase my income
  2. I am worthy of a higher income
  3. Success and good fortune come easily to me
  4. My actions create prosperity
  5. I am open to new and exciting opportunities to find my ideal work

Love and Romance

In a world of online dating, one-night stands, late-night study sessions, or simply being too exhausted to put on a cute date night outfit- dating is hard! It seems almost impossible to find a guy that simply fits. They can be too boring, too inappropriate, or shallow. When you actually find a great guy, the relationship can fizzle out or just simply not work.

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If you are having some romance issues here are 5 affirmations for you:

  1. My heart is always open to love
  2. I spread love to those around me and it returns to me in abundance
  3. I deeply believe the Universe is bringing me relationships full of love and support
  4. My S/O supports and loves me fully and deeply
  5. I give and receive romance freely

Physical Health

Being strong and healthy is important to your quality of life. It’s hard sometimes to actually feel healthy or in love with your body. Most women don’t like the way they look or appreciate what their body does for them. To help improve your outlook on your body try these affirmations:

  1. I love and appreciate my body
  2. I choose to nurture and love my body
  3. I radiate good health
  4. I love feeling fit and strong and nourishing my body
  5. I have abundant energy, vitality, and well-being

Mental Health and Happiness

A lot of people today are suffering from depression, low-self esteem, and depression. When you use a positive affirmation, you can start to improve your mental health. Try these affirmations to help you gain a better mindset:

  1. I am most kind to myself
  2. I love and accept myself 
  3. I breathe in positive energy and exhale negative energy
  4. I accept that happiness is my true nature
  5. I give myself permission to enjoy life

School/ Learning

A lot of people don’t think about a positive mindset when they are in school or learning something new. Their brains are already full of facts and information for that upcoming exam. Test anxiety is real and so is low self-esteem in the learning environment. Having a positive mindset can actually improve your learning and set you up for success. Here are some affirmations to try:

  1. I am excited to learn something new today
  2. Learning is my gateway to an abundance of opportunities
  3. I grow and learn at my own pace and that is okay
  4. My mind is open to new knowledge and perspectives
  5. I am smart and able to learn new things with ease 

Which positive affirmation are you most excited to try? If these helped you make sure you share with your friends!

Featured image: Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash