Posing Tips That Will Elevate Your Instagram Game

Have you always wondered how Instagram models always manage to get the perfect shot in every pictures? Getting that perfect picture takes more work than you might think! Follow these easy posing tips to elevate your Instagram game!

1. Place The Camera Higher Up

Many people make the mistake of taking a picture by holding the camera lower than their height. By doing this, you can create the illusion that you are shorter and chubbier than what you actually are. Placing the camera above you makes you seem slimmer and longer than what you actually are. This is one of the best posing tips!

2. Find Good Lighting

Good lighting is just as important as good posing. A nice natural light goes a long way. Natural lighting helps create the contours in your face and gives the illusion that your skin is clearer. Bad lighting will enhance the darkness in your face like dark circles and will affect your overall picture quality.

3. Tilt your head!

To avoid a double chin and to define your jaw, tilt your head down and forward. Doing this will create a shadow on your throat and help give strong definition to your chin area. Try not to take a picture head-on because it will erase the darkness from the face, leaving you a little bit featureless and maybe even alien like! This is one of the posing tips we love!

4. Limb Placement

Give yourself instant better posture by posing your feet slightly different than usual! Move your body 45 degrees, place one foot a little more forward than the other one, and place your hand that is closest to the lens on your hip. You can also try to cross your feet, which will give you the appearance of looking longer!

5. Shoulders, Shoulders, Shoulders

Remember to move your shoulders back instead of letting them slump forward. Besides just being bad posture, slumped shoulders give you a frumpier appearance and make your arms look bigger than what they really are like.It will emphasize the skin in that area and give you an unflattering angle. Moving your shoulders back works similar to the leg trick that it make you look taller and helps the angles of your body look sharper.

6. Stance

Are you stuck in the middle of a group picture and don’t know how to angle yourself? Try moving the lower half of your body backwards. By moving it back, it will give you the appearance of a smaller waist and will let you blend in a little easier with everyone else!

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7. Create Curves

If you want them! There is a couple of ways to give yourself an hourglass shape. Try bending one knee slightly towards the other. Doing this will create a curve on her your hips! Placing your hands at the sides of your hips also helps create a defined waist! Just be careful to not pinch your body! Instead keep your thumbs at the back of your waist and the rest of your fingers near the front!

8. Be Confident

Feeling the part mattes! A good picture starts and ends with you feeling great about it! It doesn’t matter if you pose the right way or angle your face correctly, if you don’t feel confident in the picture to start off with! On the flip side, i you think you have an amazing picture without all these tips, then more power to you! A picture is a physical reflection of who you are so the main person who should be happy about it is yourself!

How do you get the perfect picture? Do you follow any of these posing tips? Let us know in the comments below!
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Andrea is a writer from California who keeps buying used books she doesn't need from library sales. Her favorite author is Sylvia Plath and she is currently working on her first novel, a middle grade book about kids in space.

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