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12 Poses To Get The Best Mirror Selfie

12 Poses To Get The Best Mirror Selfie

It only makes sense that the most liked and commented-on photo on your Instagram feed is the one that takes the most time, preparation and practice. That’s right, we’re talking about the mirror selfie. Most of us rely on mirror selfies when our personal photographers (hey mom) are unavailable. The rest of us simply engage in the humble trend because 1) we don’t have photographers at our beck and call and 2) mirrors have a way of making us look way better. And, let’s face it, there’s no better way to show off your wardrobe’s best than with one of these bad boys. 

While each MS is unique in its own way, there’s definitely a method to the madness that is the #OOTD. If you’ve yet to master it, fear not—you came to the right place. With a little research and the right tools, the perfect MS is only a scroll and snap away. The recipe for such a photo comprises just four sweet ingredients: a killer outfit, flattering lighting, your go-to selfie mirror (you know, the one that makes you look extra good), and, of course, a carefully chosen pose that boasts your ensemble. The pose is, arguably, the most important part, as each outfit rightfully warrants its own unique display. Let’s be real—a sit-and-squat pose is probably better suited for a shoe brag than a maxi dress reveal. 

After endless scrolling and careful attention to detail, we rounded up 11 tried and true poses that will take your MS to the next level. If you’re itching to show off your latest purchase, we recommend scrolling. 



If you know anything about mirror selfies, you’ve probably heard of the OLS, or the one-legged selfie. Created and effortlessly mastered by Man Repeller’s Leandra M. Cohen, the OLS is an absolute must for your next MS attempt. Per its name, the pose requires one leg featured, usually by way of placing it on an elevated surface—bathroom countertops are ideal. Simply lift your leg, place it on the elevated surface, whip out your phone and snap away. Arm placements for this can get tricky, so we (and Leandra, apparently) recommend a fist to the chin and a relaxed posture. Whether you’re looking to show off your new boots or mis-matched socks, the OLS is the way to go. Thanks, Leandra. 

Squatting Shoe Brag.

Think OLS, but instead of standing, you’re squatting. Like Leandra’s IDGAF-like stance, this pose is perfect for showing off your latest pair of shoe garb. Not to mention, you’ll look like a bad ass while you do it. Here’s how: Throw on your outfit, squat, and snap. Really, it’s that simple. How you squat and which way you face is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for the ultimate shoe brag, a pose like this should definitely be considered. 


Side Profile.

We’ve seen it time and again, and we have yet to be unimpressed. Whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or are dressed for a black tie soirée, this pose will work wonders on your OOTD—pajamas and gowns, messy buns and freshly curled locks alike. You can keep your face hidden or show it off, though a mysterious grin will make this pose all the more double-tap-able. P.S., this MS technique is the secret to the ultimate cheekbone or jawline feature, whichever you desire to flaunt. 


Break Your Back. 

If the ‘beauty is pain’ mantra reigns true, then a little uncomfortable positioning in exchange for the ultimate mirror selfie is always à la mode. Besides, what’s a little discomfort for the perfect mirror selfie post? The answer: nothing. This pose offers an angle unique enough to show off the pieces you’ve so tastefully styled together. To recreate it, face away from your mirror at an angle, extend your legs and lean back toward your reflection. Snap until you’ve captured a photo worthy enough of an OOTD post—though it shouldn’t take long with a killer outfit and indisputable confidence. Golden natural light and a neutral, tasteful background are always good ideas for a MS pose like this. 

The ‘Who Is She?’ Pose. 

While most of your followers will have at least an inkling as to who’s behind the camera, this pose will leave the minority rest of them left wondering who could ever pull off such a modish ensemble. Ideal for a day without too much consideration of your cosmetic application, this face-hidden pose could shift the focus of any mirror selfie straight to the part you’re looking to boast most: your outfit. Simply place your phone in front of your face, and experiment with your body placement until you’re satisfied. If you’re feeling daring, reveal a small portion of your profile to make the guessing game a little less challenging and the post all the more alluring.


Up Close & Personal. 

Remember everything you learned in the previous graf? Forget all of it. It’s time to get a lot less mysterious and a lot more intimate. Flaunting this mirror selfie pose will not only make your post appear more laid-back, but also the outfit details far easier to drool over. The pose itself is entirely up to you; just make sure that your distance from the mirror resembles how close you’d like to be to Bradley Cooper, or whoever you share a one-way love affair with. The point is, don’t be afraid to get up close and personal—the pose warrants it. 


Lean With It. 

Though exclusively trademarked by VS Angel and style icon Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, this back-leg-bent, front-leg-extended pose is made for anyone—especially if you’ve got an outfit worthy of it. And, let’s be real, Rosie always does. In order to accomplish this—a pose only satisfactory for a model of RHW’s stature—all you need to do is situate yourself at a slight angle, bend your back leg and extend your front, all while maintaining a comfortable bend in both knees. The key to a successful mirror selfie is acting as natural as possible, despite being positioned in such a way that contradicts the word itself. 

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Sit Back & Relax. 

Whether taken dressed in your comfiest pajamas or lounging on your living room sectional, this mirror selfie literally screams effortless. And the best news? The most successful of these prove to be those with little to no effort involved, as shown below by coffee-sipping, pajama-wearing, dewy-skinned stylist Monikh Dale. But, while the pose calls for any outfit, sweatpants and stilettos alike, it takes a confident rule-breaker to go for such an untraditional approach to the MS. Grab your favorite seat, sit back and relax. It’s that simple. 

(Knee)d To Post This. 

There’s really not much to this knee-stanced pose—other than posing on your knees, of course. While we highly recommend situating yourself on a soft, cushy surface, this on-the-knee pose will find success wherever your MS mirror idles. Go ahead, give it a try. Your followers will thank you for it. 


No Chair, No Problem. 

While there are far more comfortable posing options, we can’t seem to shake this floor-seated one. Maybe that’s because Marianne of @smythsisters makes the pose look so effortless—or perhaps because we’re too lazy to actually pose for our humble photo-ops. Either way, this floor-adorning pose is a must try. Whatever you do, be sure not to act too formal—you’re on the floor, remember? 


Whatever TF You Want. 

Ugh, tired of all the rules yet?? We sure are. At the end of the day, your mirror selfie pose needs to reflect your personality. If you’re not into Rosie’s awkward leaning pose or squatting in a way that reminds you too much of the bathroom and too little of showing off your dazzling ensemble, then come up with your own pose. Who likes following the rules, anyway? Do what you want, and look good while you do it.

What’s your go-to mirror selfie pose? Let us know in the comments!

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