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15 Popular Shoes For Fall

With summer coming to a close that means it’s time to put away sandals, flip flops and wedges. As the days get cooler you’ll have to switch up your wardrobe to accommodate the colder temperatures. If you live in a place where fall completely changes the weather this list is for you. Below are fifteen of popular shoes for fall. Even if you don’t find yourself living somewhere that experiences all the seasons these shoes will still make you feel like the leaves are changing colors. From flats, to boots to more durable footwear these are the shoes you will want in your fall wardrobe. 

1. Oxford Flats

Nothing looks more professional that a good pair of oxford flats. They’re not just for men. This season change up the normal flats you wear to the office with a sturdy pair of oxford flats. The ones below have a subtle design that makes them look like they cost triple what you’ll actually pay. These shoes do come in a variety of colors but the chestnut brown color is divine. It’s the perfect pair of work shoes for fall. They’re so cute they don’t even have to be limited to the office. 

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2. Knee High Boots

With the changing of the seasons you’ll definitely want to make sure you own a good pair of knee high boots. These brown riding boots are fashionable and durable. They will go perfect with a good pair of dark washed skinny jeans, leggings and even fall dresses. The material makes them durable for the majority of weather fall might throw at you too.  

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3. Rain Boots

If the riding boots above aren’t good enough to handle drastic fall weather consider investing in a good pair of rain boots. Fall is a stop before winter meaning sometimes the weather can get a little wonky. Be sure you’re prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you. These Hunter boots can’t be beat when it comes to rain boots. What makes them even better is the adjustable strap at the back, ensuring that anyone can wear a pair of these shoes. 

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4. Heeled Booties

Since it isn’t freezing yet consider investing in a pair of heeled booties. While these are open toed what makes them perfect for summer is that the majority of your foot will be covered. Plus the color. They come in this rich, olive green color that is an earth tone. It will flatter all of your fall clothes this upcoming season. 

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5. Pumps

Fall doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your dressy shoes, it just means you may have to exchange them for some shoes that will fit the season better. The pumps below are in a deep navy color, perfect for autumn. Plus they’re closed toe and aren’t too high. Making them perfect for walking on a sidewalk that might have a bunch of leaves strewn across it. 

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6. Heeled Boots

You should also consider investing in a good pair of heeled boots. These come in a light brown shade that will keep you warm but also help you stay cute. These shoes would look perfect with a pair of tights, cardigan and a nice casual dress. They’re perfect also if you want to dress them down and wear them to even a football game. While they are healed the heel itself is blocky and it isn’t that high, making them easy to walk in. 

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7. Everyday Shoes

You’ll want a good pair of everyday shoes to wear also. While wearing workout shoes is still a popular trend and can be cute they aren’t always appropriate. If you want to be comfortable but still look put together consider a pair of shoes like the one below. They’re easy to put on and the burgandy color is perfect for fall. 

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8. Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens are shoes you can wear any time of year but they truly shine during the fall. What makes the ones below even more special is that they are vegan, completely animal friendly. These shoes are a pretty penny but they are definitely worth it. Most people keep their Dr. Martens for years and years because they’re such quality made shoes. They also will stand up against weather. You’ll want a pair of Dr. Martens. 

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9. Combat Boots

If you do love the edgier look but just can’t justify the price of Dr. Martens don’t be discouraged there are plenty of similar styled shoes that are more wallet friendly. The ones below are still very fashionable and edgy. The zipper on the side will make them very easy to fold jeans or leggings into. They’ll even go well with a good dress!

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10. Mules

The 90s are back in a big way, that’s no surprise, and with them they’ve brought back this classic trend. Mules are back in style. These shoes are not just stylish they’re also pretty sensible shoes if you think about it. The open back makes them easy to put on, no more breaking your finger to fit your foot in your heel. Plus the heel is blocky enough to where they are easy to walk in. Mules are one pair of shoes you’ll want to invest in this year. 

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11. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are fall favorites. They’re cute, sensible and professional. The chelsea boots below are all of those things and more. They come in the tried and true cut but the material is what really makes these shoes shine. They’re a little more rough around the edges compared to most chelsea boots that are usually pristine. These have almost a western, worn in look to them. What makes them even better is the price tag on these. 

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12. Ankle Booties

These shoes have been popular for several years now and with good reason. These lace up ankle booties are everywhere because they’re just so comfortable and stylish. They’re perfect for fall in so many ways. They’re easy to walk in, they are completely closed so your feet are protected and they go with almost any outfit. These shoes are a must have for your fall wardrobe. 

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13. Leopard Print

Leopard print is in, but it doesn’t have to be tacky. Save the over the top leopard print dresses for the early 2000s because now this print is available in much more flattering styles, like the flats below. The pointed toe is very modern and while the print is loud it’s still work appropriate. Or you can pair it with some jeans, like in the photo, and you have yourself an incredible outfit. 

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14. Thigh High Boots

Of course for fall you’ll want to break out those thigh high boots. These are the perfect ways to still be able to wear cute dresses during the fall without having to completely freeze. Over the years the thigh high boots have become more accessible too, they aren’t just for crazy nights at the clubs. A lot of people wear these with nice dresses, tights, professional looking clothing and even just leggings. You want to invest in a good pair of thigh high boots. 

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15. Mary Janes

Last but certainly not least are Mary Janes. These shoes have survived decades and decades of fashion because they’re just great shoes. They’re comfortable, stylish and timeless. The ones below look like they were plucked out of an add from the sixties. They’re cute enough to be worn on a date but appropriate enough to wear to the office. Mary Janes are the perfect fall shoes. 

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What are your favorite fall shoes? Comment below!
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