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Popular Degrees As Popular Instagram Pets

Popular Degrees As Popular Instagram Pets

Popular Degrees As Popular Instagram Pets

We love scrolling through Instagram and procrastinating when we’re supposed to be doing University work, it’s one of our favourite past times! University degrees are often generalised into certain types of people studying individual courses, so we decided that the best thing to do for those avoiding University work is to combine these two things and look at 5 popular degrees as 5 popular Instagram pets!

1. English Literature/Creative Writing

English Literature students are thought to be quiet and dedicated to reading, however this is a generalisation as most English Literature students are naughty and like to cause trouble. They are often at the centre of some kind of scheme and can play out this trouble with the amount of free time they have on their course! This is why the perfect Instagram pet for these students would be Pumpkin the Raccoon. Pumpkin is always in some type of trouble and is always aesthetic with his pictures, much like the student on this type of course. English Literature students often have early deadlines with lots of secondary reading, so after deadlines they are often like Pumpkin, sleeping at midday.

2. Business

Business students are usually spotted by their designer clothes and beanies on even in the Summer. They have very aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts and often have millions of follows with lots of sponsorships. This is why Business students are most like Doug the Pug on Instagram! Doug is pictured laid back in the City, most likely at an internship somewhere and is sponsored by many different brands for the clothes he wears, making him a perfect candidate for the Business student.

3. History

History students are some of the most knowledgable and quiet students out there. They are normally happy with researching topics by themselves and being very independent and nice to their flatmates. This is why History students are most like Mr. Pokee the Hedgehog! Mr. Pokee and History students share a lot of similarities, they are both normally very cultural, having been to most of Europe. They also most definitely like avocado.

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4. Acting

Actors are some of the most interesting and unusual people. They are normally good in front of crowds and talking to people and like the company of friends. That is why the Acting course has of course been attributed to the Instagram pet, Boo the Dog. Boo is cute and good in front of the camera, he is also a fan of affection and attention from others which makes him a perfect representation of the Acting degree students at  University! Boo is often featured with a wide range of friends, which is similar to Actors! They will not normally be without their group of fellow Actors and Actresses!

5. Medicine

Medical Students have a similarity to the Instagram sensation, Jackson the Dalmatian. They can most likely cure anything wrong with them, even their own spots. These medical students appear on the outside to be sensible and well trained, but let them out on a student night and they will be the life of the party. Just like a Dalmatian they can be crazy and unpredictable but also kind and thoughtful when you need it from them.

Have any comments or Instagram pets for degrees as your own? Comment them below!

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