Popular College Majors As Described By GIFs

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Your college major says something about you. Within each major, you can find a group of people that exhibit those stereotypical qualities that the general public imagines to be true. From Mathematics to Philosophy to everything in between, there is always some tell that can help you determine someone’s chosen field of study. Here are 10 popular college majors as described by the wonderful world of GIFS!

1. Mathematics

These guys are great with numbers! They are like human calculators that can solve any problem in their head. You half expect them to freeze time and do calculations in mid-air. I’ve always wondered what the inside of a mathematicians head might look like and I guess this GIF describes it in the best way!


2. Philosophy

The Deep Thinkers. You can find them in the quad or under a shaded tree debating incredibly complex ideas that none of us common folk could possibly understand. These guys are smart which means that most of them probably think they are surrounded by idiots.

3. Psychology

If you’re ever going through something, the psychology majors are always there to hear you air out your grievances. They might even make you feel better about your problems. Just make sure they don’t look like Dr. Hannibal Lecter!


4. English

English majors love to read! Most of them are introverts and prefer a good book to conversations with people. Most of their conversations are spent correcting people’s grammar or raving about a new novel. You’ll probably find them at the library at any given time of day!


5. Foreign Language

All of those accents! Whether it’s Spanish or French or anything else, Foreign Language majors can be found eating lunch at the cafeteria having endless conversations in their chosen language of study. They also know a great deal of history from that country which you would find fascinating. Now if you could only decipher what they were saying?

6. Kinesiology

This crowd can probably be found at the gym! They are all about keeping your body healthy and mobile, so it’s all about the exercise for them. Just don’t forget to stretch first or they are sure  to yell at you for putting your muscles in harm’s way!


7. Theater Arts

These guys can put on a show! They are natural performers and there is probably at least one who has made their debut on Broadway. Every school production is written, directed, and acted by this talented crew. Just be careful, I hear they can be a bit dramatic.

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8. Business

Show me the money! If you want to start a successful business, then this group can help get you started. Stocks, stats, standard deviation. There sure are a lot of “S”’s in the business world. It’s probably why the dollar sign has that shape. If you want to make money, these guys will show you how!


9. Science (Biology, Chemistry, Etc.)

No matter what science you choose to study, most people will picture you in a lab somewhere, wearing a white lab coat and blowing things up. This is not far from the truth. These guys can tell you all about how the world works. Just make sure you wear gloves! Specimens are very fragile!

10. Education

The future teachers of society take their craft very seriously, making them one of the most important college majors. They are passionate about learning and will run at the chance to help you study for that big test. Education majors are the best study buddies as they usually know about the most effective ways our brain retains information. Flash cards, anyone?  Help us learn please!


What do you think are some GIFs that describe college majors? Are you a part of any of these college majors? Comment below!
Featured Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-in-black-and-white-polo-shirt-beside-writing-board-159844/