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Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Do you have expensive taste but have a wallet that doesn’t match that energy? Are you tired of seeing cute clothes online that you can’t afford? Are you done with missing out on the newest clothing trends? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come on down!

We’re going to let you in on a secret. What if we told you that you could have these trends for a fraction of the price? Treat yo’ self, indeed! We’re talking about DIYing popular clothing trends! So you can look fabulous but not spend your rent money doing it.

Sleeve Shirts

You’ve seen them everywhere. Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of way to wear a shirt, along comes a whole bunch of popular clothing trends. These shirts are basically just sleeves.

Find a long sleeve shirt that fits you snuggly and put it on. Trace out a line with a white crayon (or eyeliner) and be sure to leave enough space under your arms. A lot of these shirts curve up towards the face but if you’d like to keep it straight, you can mark a straight line. Once you’re done outlining, take the shirt off and cut it.

If you want the front and back to be the same length, cut the front and back at the same time. If you want the front to be higher, be sure to cut them one at a time! Enjoy your new half-shirt and don’t wear it to any family events otherwise it’ll be like the time you wore ripped jeans all over again (unless you enjoy being roasted).

Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Y2K Bling Thong

Popular clothing trends come in and out of style and that’s exactly what happened with this trend. Remember when whale tails were popular? Well, they’re back and in a glamorous way.

Go to your local craft store and pick up some ornamental bling. Make sure it has a way to connect to the thong. Think about the “T” shape that your thong has in the back. Find a g-string thong that you already own or buy a new one just for this project. Cut the back where all the strings connect and loop the fabric through your jewel. Then take the end of each string fold it back and sew it to itself. When you’re done it should look something like this.

Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Diamond Turban

This one is super easy to recreate. If you go to your local craft store and pick up a glittery piece of fabric, the hard work is done! You can either get rhinestones or a glittery fabric, the choice is yours.

Once you have your fabric play around with wrapping it on your head. Use bobby pins to make it secure but if you do, make sure they’re hidden! This trend is supposed to look expensive and not like a struggle.

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Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

Liar, Liar Pants on fire

Popular clothing trends tend to be super expensive! Most of them aren’t reinventing the wheel but are just putting a cool spin on something we already know and love. You could spend hundreds of dollars on some flame pants OR you could do it yourself. We’re leaning towards the latter.

Find a pair of jeans. We like to keep it simple by using black or white jeans. By acrylic paint in a color that will stand out on the jeans and a paintbrush. If you have black jeans we recommend white paint and vice versa. Trace out a flame on the top and bottom of your pants with a pencil. Carefully paint the flames. When you’re done they should look like this.

Note: at the top of the pants, the pockets aren’t painted. Keep that in mind if you’re going for an exact recreation.

Popular Clothing Trends That Can be Easily DIYed

We look like Versace on a Forever 21 budget! Which popular clothing trends from this list are you going to DIY? Let us know in the comments!

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