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6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

Calling all wanna-be Instagram influencers! Are you looking for quality pictures to post on your Instagram? If so, you have stopped by the right place. If you are trying to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed then these pop-up museums are perfect for you. Let’s face it. This is what social media has come to. Instagram users are always looking to one-up other influencers with their backgrounds and clever captions. This is what 2019 is all about-traveling to a destination solely for an Insta worthy picture. No judgment here!

Attending these museums gives people a great excuse to snap a selfie. But they are also a lot of fun for those who aren’t looking to just take photos. They are filled with laughter and silliness that everyone can benefit from. For those of you who are looking for the perfect background for your next photo, stop by these places but don’t forget to put the phone down and enjoy it first hand!

1. 29Rooms with Refinery29

This museum is unlike any other. Its purpose is to bring together people from all over. There are 29 different rooms all under one roof. It opened in Sept 2015 on Refinery29’s 10 year anniversary. The place is filled with vibrant colors and engages a crowd. They have interactive installations, performances, workshops and more. They have locations in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, and Washington D.C. for the upcoming months. Tickets range from $30-$50. This pop-up measure is a great place to get those Instagram worthy snaps!

2. Dream Machine

Located in Brooklyn, this place will make you jump up and down. It’s an interactive experience-basically a playground for adults. With the cool lights, you are bound to get an Insta picture. It is said, “to make dreams a reality.” There are nine dream-themed rooms to walk through and explore. From falling clouds to the psychedelic laundromat to an underwater room, Dream Machine has it all. Tickets are $38.

6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

3. The Museum of Pizza

If you ask me, this sounds like my type of place. I even heard they give out a free slice to everyone who comes through. It is “the first and only impressive art experience celebrating pizza,” according to their website. If you are a pizza lover, definitely check it out at their next pop-up museum. That selfie with a slice will definitely get some attention on Instagram. Guaranteed to make everyone jealous!

4. The Museum of Ice Cream

If you follow Kylie Jenner, then you know all about the Museum of Ice Cream. This place is a kids wonderland. It has swings in the banana room and pit of sprinkles. What more could you ask for? Located in San Fransisco, this place has a lot to offer. The pictures are endless when it comes to selfies, group photos and you have to go on the carousel made of an animal frosted cookie!

6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

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5. Color Factory

Another interactive exhibit that encourages creativity and discovery. The collaborations with different artists, local food vendors, designers, non-profits and more to bring to the audience a new look on life. Each room is themed with a color concept. Some rooms have optical illusions while others contain a giant plastic ball pits that will bring anyone back to their childhood. This place is a pop-up museum you’ll want to visit. The surrounding colors radiate happiness and will bring it to your Instagram feed.

6. The Museum of Selfies

What a perfect one to end on! This pop-up museum is located in Los Angeles and will make you the queen of selfies. It’s an interactive exhibit that allows the user to make their own rules. Not only do they have cool rooms with optical illusions like the bathroom where the reflections aren’t real, but as you walk through you learn different selfie facts. You can swim in an emoji pool or step into Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. Who would have thought selfies made this many cool things?

6 Pop Up Museums For Your Insta

 All of these pop-up museums will make your feed Instagram influencer worthy. Leave a comment below which place was your favorite! Leave your selfies below too.

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