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15 Pop Culture Outfits For The Geek In You

15 Pop Culture Outfits For The Geek In You

*15 Pop Culture Outfits For The Geek In You

Pop Culture is a statement in the world today. The most common pop-culture categories are: entertainment (such as film, music, television and video games), sports, news (as in people/places in the news), politics, fashion, technology, and slang. When you want to showcase your love for something in these categories, you usually post about them online on social media. However, you can also simply put together an outfit that represents your favorite pop culture subject. This list of 15 outfits makes doing just that a breeze.

1. Doctor Who

“Doctor Who” is one of the longest running shows on the British Broadcasting Corporation. It is one of the most beloved shows to date. After making its way to America in 2005, it has become even more famous with the science fiction geeks. Everyone has begun researching and watching older episodes so they can determine which is their favorite Doctor. If you are one of these people, then you may want to do your research while dressed as the Doctor himself! This makes the perfect geek clothing bundle. Not to mention how adorable you would look as the Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor on Doctor Who


2. Hocus Pocus

“Hocus Pocus” is one of the classic Halloween movies from the early 90s. It is beloved by many people who grew up watching it. Which is why it is entertaining for them to dress as the main characters. Whether they dress as them every other day or just for Halloween, it is nostalgic to see these three witches together. This is the prefect way for a movie geek to show off their love for this classic film.

Hocus Pocus

3. Beetlejuice

You wouldn’t think that “Beetlejuice”¬† is something many people would wear everyday. However, you would be wrong. When you love something in pop culture you want to incorporate it into your life, as much as possible. You could wear a “Beetlejuice” inspired suit to almost every occasion and no one would judge you. Some people may ask you where you got the idea to wear a black and white striped suit. That is when you tell them with pride that you are a “Beetlejuice” geek.


Beetlejuice Suit

4. Back To The Future

One of the most iconic movies ever made has made its way into the lives of many people. Those who enjoy the series have begun dressing as Michael J. Fox’s character in the movie, Marty. They want to show that they have a sense of culture to the world, and showcase what part of the past culture they enjoy the most. Like how many geeks get their start. This movie is a perfect example of a film geek clothing choice.

Back To THe Future


5. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible was an amazing show that ran on Disney Channel from 2002 until it’s finale in 2007. Every little girl who watched this show wanted to be Kim. This show embodied the troubles of a teenage girls life and made her a “superhero”. What girl wouldn’t find this teenage girl mesmerizing and idolize her. No wonder so many girls dress as her. This is a perfect example of television geek clothing.

Kim Possible

6. Grease

One of the best movies to come out of the 70s. If your parents showed you it growing up, you have jumped up and sang to nearly everyone of the songs. Sandy and Danny have a relationship that everyone can relate to. However, it is the typical bad boy clich√©, but that is why you love it so much. It is sad that it doesn’t get enough credit though, simply because Sandy went from sweet and innocent to bad girl. They must have missed the part just before that when Danny was going to try turning over a new leaf for Sandy.


Sandy and Danny From Grease

7. Rosie The Riveter

By far one of the most iconic pieces of pop culture is Rosie. After 81 years since the start of the second World War, Rosie has kept her guns and walked into the lives of many woman throughout the years. Rosie the Riveter is used as a symbol of American feminism and women’s economic advantage. She is a statement to every woman in America! If you don’t know who Rosie is, than you do know. Maybe you see why she is so important in pop culture.

Rosie the Riveter


8. The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado is a great kid film, and to see geeky styles inspired by this movie is incredible. Any cartoon film made into a geeky cosplay is amazing. Sometimes people dress in clothing that somewhat resembles the characters, instead of completely cosplaying those characters. However, which ever one you decide to do, it will be something amazing for anyone to witness.

Road To El Dorado

9. X-Men

Comic books are known as geek culture. You are a geek if you read comic books. However, that is not completely true. You can still be classified as a geek if you do not read comic books. True they were one of the first forms of pop culture that brought on the word geek. However, in this day and age things like that have changed dramatically. However, geeks still love the classics and love showing off their admirations for certain comic book characters.


X-Men Cosplay

10. Magic School Bus

Everyone who watched this show wanted Ms. Valerie Frizzle as their school teacher. They wanted to go on these crazy field trips, and go back in time to see the Dinosaurs. She was a huge part of peoples childhood, and made them interested in learning. She is one of the biggest nerds and geeks of all time!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle

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11. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite was one of the stupidest but iconic movies of the early 2000s. Why it became so popular is unknown to many people. However, the most iconic part of this movie that no one will ever forget is the Vote For Pedro shirt. It is a hilarious piece of clothing, and people still love it to this day, nearly 16 years later.

NapoleonDynamite_Vote For Pedro


12. Edward Scissorhands

Thirty years ago, Johnny Depp, appeared in the Tim Burton film. It has become a classic that many gothic/emo geeks absolutely adore. Parents have begun dressing their children up as a “kid friendly” version of the gothic man. It is adorable how some of these children look, but it is also amazing how people keep the classic movies in their lives, and introduce their children to them. That way these movies will stay alive in the long awaited future.

Child Edward Scissorhands

13. Tomb Raider

Between film and video game adaptions and remakes. It is no wonder that this franchise is still a big part of peoples lives. It is now coming to the point where kids of generation z will know all about Tomb Raider. Which would be a thumbs up to the geeky parents out there in the world.


Tomb Raider Cosplay

14. Mortal Kombat

This game franchise has been a part of geeks lives since the early 90s and with the constant release of new games. It is common knowledge that they will not stop being apart of peoples lives for many years to come. Which is fine! It gives geeks inspiration to portray their favorite fighters in the real world.

Sub Zero and Scorpion


15. My Hero Academia

This is a new anime that has quickly made its way into the hearts of geeks across the globe. It is something that gives teenagers something other than their future to dream about. Though your future is important you still need to have other activates. This allows them to think about what they may want to do if they lived in this type of world. Which is what geeky pop culture is all about, giving you something to dream about.


Geek clothing is everywhere! It doesn’t matter what the picture is on your clothing, it is their to represent the geek you are for that certain type of entertainment. Are you a proud geek? Let us know in the comments!