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15 Pool Party Snack Ideas Your Guests Will Love

15 Pool Party Snack Ideas Your Guests Will Love

The weather is finally heating up and you know what that means – no school, beach days, and of course, pool parties! It’s now easier than ever to throw a trendy pool party with all the cute pool floats that have come out recently. Yet everyone knows a good pool party is more than just cute pool floats. You also need delicious and creative snacks. That’s where things can become difficult. But not to worry, we have compiled a list of different creative (and delicious!) pool party snack ideas for your summer bash that are sure to wow your guests!

1. Popsicles

This may sound basic to you, but hear me out. Amazon sells a ton of cute Popsicle molds, so you can go online and pick your favorite. Once you get them, your possibilities are endless. All you need to do is choose a liquid base (water, juice, etc.) and then choose what you want to go in it (fruit, gummy bears, etc.). Just be sure to make them the night before so that they can freeze overnight. Pop them out of the freezer the next day when you are ready to serve them and there you go! You have a delicious frozen treat that is perfect for a hot summer day and more exciting than any old store-bought Popsicle. It’s a win-win situation! Popsicles are the pool party snacks your guests will love expecially when it’s really hot out.

2. Fruit Kabobs

This is a great way to put a creative twist on a basic fruit salad. Fresh fruit is another great snack to serve at a pool party, but it tends to get served the same way every time – mixed together in a big bowl. That may have been cool at first, but it’s getting old. Now, instead of putting chicken, peppers, sausage, and whatever else is typically served kabob-style, you can put fruit. Simply pick out any fruit you want and stack it on top of each other on a skewer (you can even dip it in chocolate or yogurt or drizzle that on top if you want to get real fancy), place them on a cute plate. You now have a simple snack that will impress your guests!



3. Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

If you weren’t overly impressed with the fruit kabob idea, try this one out! This was actually served to me at a pool party and, I’ll admit, I was hesitant to try it at first but boy am I glad I did! To make the cinnamon crisps, all you need to do is pick up some flour tortillas, spray them with cooking or olive oil spray. Then sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon and stick them in the oven (preheated to 350) for about 8-11 minutes, or until crisp. Lastly, for the fruit salsa, you will need two granny smith apples, one lemon, one cup of finely diced melon, one pound of strawberries, half a pound of raspberries, and four tablespoons of preserves of your choose (raspberry, strawberry, etc.). Finally, cut up all of the fruit into fine pieces, zest the lemon and squeeze the juice on top. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before serving, then serve it up. You won’t be disappointed and your guests are sure to go crazy for it!

4. Beach Ball Cake Pops

This pool party snack is great for putting a spin on the traditional cake pop. All you will need is cake mix of your choice, white candy coating, and yellow, red, and green sanding sugar.  Bake the cake pops as directed, then when they’re done, dip them into the melted white candy coating. You can alternate the sanding sugar colors to give it that beach ball look. Drawing lines on the pop after dipping it and using a small brush to dab on the sanding sugar may help with precision.


5. Pink Lemonade Jell-O Shots

This is a great pool party snack to serve at any adult summer bash. What you will need is two packets of unflavored gelatin, one cup of pink lemonade, half a cup of regular vodka, half a cup of lemon vodka or lemon eddy, and five lemons. Start by cutting your lemons in half and use a spoon to scoop out the insides. Then heat the lemonade in a pan and slowly stir in the packets of gelatin until they dissolve, then add in your vodka and stir until combined. Lastly, pour the liquid into the lemon halves (have them sit in a muffin tin to keep them upright) and then refrigerate for four hours or until set. Once they’re done, cut them into wedges and serve them up!

6. Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizza

This creative summer treat looks like a watermelon, but tastes like a dessert, and it is sure to be a hit at your next pool party. Start by making the cookie crust by using one package of the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, one tablespoon of flour, half a stick of softened butter, and one large egg. Bake that in the oven for 14-18 minutes on 350. Next you will need to make the cream cheese fluff. To do that, you will need one block of softened cream cheese, one cup of marshmallow fluff, and one cup of frozen whipped topping thawed. Lastly, arrange your kiwi slices along the edge of the crust to resemble the green crust of a watermelon, then fill in the entire middle section with the strawberries and sprinkle on a few chocolate chips to resemble seeds.

7. Beach Cupcakes

This treat is a great, summer-inspired way to spice up the traditional cupcake. To make this, all you’ll need to do is get the cupcake mix of your choice and make as instructed. Once the cupcakes are done, ice ¾ of the cupcake with blue frosting to resemble the water and cover the rest in crushed graham crackers to resemble the sand. Place a lifesaver gummy on the blue frosting and stick a teddy graham inside to mirror a person floating in a tube. For the finishing touch, stick a little drink umbrella in the “sand” part of the cupcake. Pretty simple, huh?


8. Vanilla Pudding Beach Cups

If you’re not into the beach cupcake idea, give this one a shot. Simply pick up a pack of vanilla pudding cups, sprinkle crushed graham cracker on top, place an airhead extreme bite on top of the “sand” and a teddy graham on top of that. You’ll find that it looks like a person laying on a beach towel. Lastly, stick in a drink umbrella and you’re done! It doesn’t get much more simple than that. Our favorite pool party snack!

9. Crab Sandwiches

This pool party snack idea is a great way to put a twist on the traditional sandwich. The only difference is to swap out the bread for croissants. Then proceed to fill the sandwich with whatever you want. Stick two googly eyes on the croissant to make it resemble a crab.

10. Gummy Worm Bait

These last few treats are going to be simple, but they will still have a creative presentation to them. For this snack, all you will need is a package of gummy worms (sour or regular, whichever you prefer) and a mason jar. Pour the package of gummy worms into a mason jar, make a cute sign that reads “Bait,” and stick it on the outside. A creative presentation can work just as well as creative foods.

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11. Life Saver Gummy Life Rafts

This is another idea where the creativity lies in the presentation. All you will need for this snack is a package of lifesaver gummies and a small plastic or metal bucket. Put the lifesaver gummies into the bucket and make a sign that reads “Life Rafts,” to stick either inside the bucket or on the front of it. Such a fun pool party snack!

12. Sand Castles

For this snack, you’ll need rice crispy treats. You can either make them yourself or buy them. Whether you buy them or make them, cut them up into squares, but make sure to make some pieces smaller than others. Use the biggest piece as the base then stack one or two smaller pieces on top to resemble a sand castle.


13. Twizzler Noodles

Twizzlers are the main component for this pool party snack idea (the thicker ones may look better than the regular, but either will work), as well as a container to put them in. Just arrange the twizzlers into the container and stick a sign on the front that reads “Pool Noodles.”

14. Sea Snails

For this snack, you’ll have to get a package of pigs in a blanket. Cook them as directed, then arrange them on a plate. Finally, stick a sign on it that reads “sea snails.”

 15. Flip Flop Cookies

This last snack idea is a creative way to serve store-bought cookies. It requires a package of nutter butter cookies, frosting, and a package of m&ms. Firstly, lay out all the cookies on a plate, then pipe the frosting on the front to resemble flip flop straps. If you place an m&m on the top where the two straps meet to, it will resemble jewels found on certain flip flops.


Well, there you have it folks! Be sure to try these snack ideas out at your next pool party and wow your guests! They can be as creative and intricate as the first few ideas or as simple as the last few. But they are all creative and delicious in their own way and are sure to have your guests asking for seconds!

Do you have any other pool party snack ideas?