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10 Podcasts You Simply Must Listen To

Podcasts were that new trend that popped up where it seemed like everyone was starting their own and yeah, it still kind of seems that way, too. An oversaturated market with tons of podcasts for all sorts of topics, how do you know which ones are the really good ones to listen to? We’ve been able to narrow it down to this list of ten podcasts that you simply must listen to. We’ll provide where you can access them and give a short synopsis of each one, as well as giving you the rundown on who hosts them. Read through and find the new podcast to listen to while getting ready for the day, on your commute, cleaning the house, running errands, or whenever you listen to your favorite podcasts. We have some popular choices for you that are already well know, and then we move on to some lesser known ones that deserve to have plenty of moments in the spotlight. Give ’em a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Anything Goes

With Emma, anything can be brought up to be talked about as she records the rightfully named podcast on the floor of her closet. With this podcast, she’s sort of like the big sister we all always wanted, giving the right advice when you just so happen to be needing it. From random things she needs to give off her chest to advice sessions answering questions from her subscribers, really anything goes with this podcast. Listen to this podcast hosted by fashion icon Emma Chamberlain on Spotify and Apple podcasts. 


If you’re in need of a good laugh, you NEED to listen to psychobabble that is hosted by two of the Youtube pioneers, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. This half hour podcast episode published every Tuesday will have you wanting more. Luckily, there’s about five years worth of podcasts that you can listen to in any order anytime you’d like, wherever you listen to podcasts. They write that psychabble is “not just crazy talk, it’s psychobabble”, bringing you “a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before”. Expect to be laughing out loud and tears rolling down while listening to this hilarious podcast. 

The Girl’s Bathroom

The girl’s bathroom is the place where everything goes down, secrets are shared, gossip and rumors are spread,  and new friendships are made. In this podcast hosted by Sophia and Cinzia, Youtube bestfriends want to help you with your dilemmas by trying to make sense of these boys wasting our time, the girls trying to make our lives difficult, and all the things in between. Advice sessions, answering your questions which can be submitted on their website, and everything about the dating scene can be heard on this juicy podcast. Expect the tea to be piping hot with this weekly podcast that can be listened to Apple podcasts and Spotify. 


Calling all true-crime junkies, if you haven’t heard of this one, you should definitely give it a listen. An Australian host who remains anonymous retells chilling stories of both solved and unsolved criminal cases from all around the world. The reviews for this podcast are outstanding so if you are a lover of all things true crime or horror films, be sure to check this one out. 

One Mic: Black History

One Mic: Black History “centers around little known events or persons from Black history and attempts to enlighten and empower through learning more about African American History”. History nerds, those looking to educate themselves on Black history, and just about everyone else should hear the matter-of-fact, truth-telling facts about these events and people who are often lost in history.

Assorted Goods

An assortment of good topics are covered in this appropriately named podcast. Find really interesting discussions that span from the addiction of smartphones, what really happens when we go to sleep, and the concept of time. If you’re the more curious type, eager to learn just about anything, check out this intriguing assorted goods podcast. Listen on Apple podcasts and Spotify!

Right In Front Of My Face

Right In Front Of My Face is a podcast created upon the “realization that people close to us are dealing with big issues we don’t talk about”. The host of the show, Shannon Hull, has the goal to “create a digital tribe of support. I’d like to help us all realize that we’re more alike than different, we all deal with big things, and none of us have to do it alone”, as she writes on the website for the podcast. So many of us are going through things that are invisible through the collection of social media posts, tweets, and pictures that we upload to our own pages. Oftentimes, people don’t realize how we are really feeling and going on through our minds. Join this uplifting group of people who listen to this supportive podcast.

See Also

Four’s A Crowd

The Four’s A Crowd podcast “takes the classic sitcom packaging with a modern interpretation! Four 30-somethings share an apartment after broken relationships and skyrocketing rent force them together in this no-holds-barred subversive coming-of-age situation comedy created by R.L. Terry”. If you’re looking for a new kind of entertainment, listen in on this podcast that is roughly around 30 mins and released each week. Catch up on season 1 because season 2 has just begun with two episodes being released.

Coyote’s Bluff

Straight from the Coyote’s Bluff website, this podcast is actually an audio drama that tells the timeless story of “Cops and conmen. Liars, cheats and violence. Guns, money and mayhem.
Listen close, it all comes together in the end.” You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat with this one, desperate to press play for the next episode. And don’t worry, the whole story is out so you won’t have to wait for another episode to be released. Like a drama with a twist? Expect a huge one with this one. No spoilers here, but it’s a goodie, we promise.

Laying Down The Law

A real lawyer named Billy hosts this podcast designed to take very real legal cases and concepts and switch it up just a bit by inviting comedians and improvisors to guide through each case and create pure comedy. Learn and laugh with this entertaining listen as Billy lays down the law.

Support these great creators by giving their podcast a listen!

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