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8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To If You’re Petty

8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To If You’re Petty

Podcasts provide a wide range of genres, and there are even ones out there for those of us who can be petty at times. Here's some!

Being petty is a skill! If you can throw shade or send a clap back without failing, you have mastered the art of being petty. We all have that petty friend who will give you back handed compliments and tell you the truth! Podcasts are platforms that create a group conversation for all people to hear different personalities discuss a topic. Podcasts have become platforms for for influencers and celebrities to state their opinion uncensored. I personally listen to podcasts to let time go by or if there’s absolutely nothing to watch on tv. As someone who is petty and isn’t afraid to throw shade, I love listening to other people with petty energy talk shit about what’s happening around the world! If you’re looking to gain skills of throwing shade, you have to start listening to podcasts! Here are 8 Podcast you should be listening to if you’re petty!

1. The Joe Budden Podcast

The Joe Budden podcast is hosted by rapper Joe Budden who is notorious of stating his opinions on everything involving the music industry. Some people tend to keep their opinion to themselves when topics involve controversy in the entertainment industry but Joe isn’t afraid to state the facts and help upcoming artist get their publication rights plus royalties. If you’re looking for amazing clap backs and ways to navigate through the music industry. This is a podcast you should be listening to if you’re petty.

2. The Brilliant Idiots

The Brilliant Idiots Podcast is hosted by Charlemagne Tha God and Andrew Shulz who are known as the Kings Of No Filter. They are always ready to shade someone to head to toe in the funniest ways. Many guest prepare themselves for the clapbacks and pettiness. They cover topics involving pop culture and politics, some of their theories about current events have come true! Due to their large fan base, they’ve done live podcast tours around the US and UK. This is on of my go to podcast when I’m commuting or grocery shopping.


3. The Friendzone

The Friendzone is hosted by 3 friends who are always ready to throw shade at anything involving reality tv and music. They advocate for all thing health and helping with mental health. They’re slogan is “who in the hell wants a musty brain” which is a major fact because they’re helping listeners open their eyes with different opinions. They also have a wellness section where the discuss skin care and ways to better yourself. Although the podcast is petty, they like to switch it up. This is another podcast you should  listen to if you’re petty.

4. Plz Advise

Plz Advise is hosted by comedian and co creator of Hellogiggles Molly McAleer. She covers topics involving pop culture and comedy. Through your the podcast listeners can call to ask her for advice. Depending on the question she will throw shade and be honest with her listeners. When she’s not answering questions for listeners, she states her opinion on reality tv shows like The Bachelor and 90 Day Fiancé. Molly provides advice for those trying to enter the stand up comedy word or trying to make it on a sitcom.

5. The Read

The Read is hosted by 2 NYC transplants who discuss everything from the trains and the rats in the city. Host Crissle and Kid Fury are bold and will catch your attention within the first few minutes.They are petty and are proud about it. Their listener letters show their talents of being petty. They aren’t afraid to roast celebrities and putting people in their place! They are always on the top trending podcast list. This is a podcast I always recommend when anyone is getting into listening to podcast. This is most definitely a podcast you should be listening to if you’re petty!

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6. The Breakfast Club

The breakfast club is a worldwide syndicated radio show in 86+ media markets. Radio Stations are now transitioning into putting their shows onto podcast platforms. The breakfast club had plenty of interviews plus topics that have went viral and cause an outrage in the media. Their “Get it Off Your Chest” section is when listeners come on to talk shit about their ex’s or friends. Since it’s a popular radio show people have gotten fired for calling in. All the host specifically Charlemagne are not afraid to ask artist questions about their scandals or call them out. Being from NY it’s a ritual for me to listen to The Breakfast Club regardless where I’m currently located.

7. Bodega Boys

The Bodega Boys is a podcast hosted by Desus and Mero. They are known for gaining popularity off of Twitter for being petty in a comedic way. Whether it’s a rapper getting caught fake flexing or someone catching an L on a viral video, they are always ready to roast someone. They talk about growing up in NYC and how it has shaped them into the the people they are today. Anyone who lived of grew up in NYC will relate! Their podcast has given them the opportunity to get their own shows on channels like Vice and Showtime. If you’re looking to hear guys imitate the voices of sports players and public figures, please listen to this show!


8. Lemme Tell You Somethin’

Yes this is a shameless plug in to my podcast. It’s hosted by my best friend and myself. We cover topics ranging from pop culture to the struggles of being a millennial. We started this podcast in our college’s library to spill tea and shit on other schools in Boston. As the podcast began to grow, we started to cover topics geared towards our interests and audience. If you’re looking to hear millennials rant and talk about weird shit this is the show for you! This is a podcast you should be listening to if you’re petty!

Do you listen to podcasts? Are there any other podcasts that people should be listening to if they’re petty? Comment below and share with your friends!
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