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10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life

Podcasts are a way to keep your life spicy. With our little devices in the palm of our hands, we can listen to them wherever or whenever! It is like the radio on the go! There are SO many awesome podcasts out there. These are ten that I absolutely adore and get so pumped when they come out with new episodes each week. Get ready to have your ears entertained! 

1. My Favorite Murder

Karen and Georgia, they are myths, they are legends, and they are truly hilarious. They bonded over their love of true crime, made a swag podcast and the rest is history. My Favorite Murder comes out with episodes twice a week about true crime stories. They say they are a true crime comedy podcast. What? I know right, sounds a little strange. BUT they aren’t actually making fun of murder, there are comedic expertly weaved into the podcast so you are not balling your eyes out every episode. They do stories on other things such as diasters, high profile scams, cults, stuff in walls and much more! I feel like these women are my friends when I listen that is how down to Earth and retable they are. (Yeah I know I am fangirling a bit but whatever). If you are interested in true crime and comedy, YOU NEED TO LISTEN. 

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life

2. Call Her Daddy

Alex and Sophia are a dynamic best friend duo whose main mission in life is to entertain and educate. They love to talk about sex. And they are great at it and have a lot of experience according to them. They have me laughing hysterically in my car about their wild sexcapades. They are real, they do not sugarcoat how they feel in this podcast, “There is a reason we aren’t found in the health and wellness section.”  They give sex tips for men and women as well. I think they just want to make us laugh and get everyone laid. I don’t blame them. The world would be a much better place if everyone got to have their sexy time. I salute them. DADDY GANG FOR LIFE. 

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life


3. Trends Like These

Brent, Courtney, and Travis bring me the news of the week through their lens of comedy. Which is much needed, with all of the shenanigans going on in the world today. They keep me up to date on current events and are well researched in the topics they present They don’t just talk about the news, they dive into pop culture and bring anecdotes from their life to share. All around SUCH an interesting with a fresh take on the news of the week. If you are looking for a way of having the current round-up of news in under an hour with laughter, Trends Like These has got you. 

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life

4. The Last Podcast on The Left

I think I am love with Ben, Marcus, and Henry, the hosts of Last Podcast On the Left. They got their name from the horror movie Last House on The Left. Based on this, you can guess they discuss some pretty gnarly topics. From in-depth looks of serial killers and cults to what Flat Earth is all about if it is something intriguing and a little frightening, you bet these men will be talking about it. They are all so hilarious. I can tell they have a genuine friendship with each other through their banter. They and their team do an excellent job of researching their topics to ensure they are on point. It is truly scholastic goonery in this podcast, ya gotta listen. 

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life

5. Lore

Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction. That is something you will learn with the podcast. The lovely Aaron Mahnke tells tales of urban legends from around the world that will both amaze you and scare you. You won’t want to stop listening because you want to figure out if this story he is telling is fact or fiction. You will discuss it with friends, it will keep you up at night. But no matter what, it sparks curiosity in you. You will love it. 

10 Podcasts You Need to Listen to That Will Spice Up Your Life


6. This Imagined Life 

AH! The love came from this podcast came SO unexpectedly after a friend recommended I listen to it.  If you enjoy engaging narrated stories then you will be hooked as well. The kicker to this podcast is that the stories are not made up, they are about real people! They will have you guessing until the last minute of the episode! My guesses have not been right yet! But maybe someday. Till then, I’ll just obsessively listen to other people’s lives. 

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7. Ted Talks Daily 

I AM SUCH A SLUT FOR TED TALKS. When I found out they did a podcast I almost pooped my pants. They have a variety of topics up for discussion through impassioned experts on their topics. I have learned so many positive and negative tidbits of the world through this podcast. This podcast has made me emotional I started sobbing in my car. I love learning and crying so why not do it at the same damn time? 

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8. The Joe Rogan Experience 

JOE ROGAN! What a guy! He is SUCH a good interviewer and all of his guests are super interesting. I had a tiny bit of beef with him because he never had female guests on his podcast, but that is slowly changing. Way to go Joe. He is so good at connecting with the people he interviews and seeing the world from a different perspective. No bullshit. All good times. Check it out. 

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9. Factually! With Adam Conover 

If you have not seen Adam Ruins Everything, you are truly missing out. Go watch it immediately before continuing to read this! You’ve watched it! Great! So Adam is an awesome dude with a knack for the truth. His podcast may be more of the serious side compared to his College Humor videos, but they are still very informative and entertaining with the series of guests he brings on. If you want to get learnt, listen to this man. 

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10. Natch Beaut 

Jackie is adorable! If you are into beauty inside and out, you gotta give her a listen! She has people from all over the health and beauty world stop by on her podcast to wax philosophical on everything beauty. I want her to be my cooky aunt. She has had dermatologists, makeup artists to experts who discuss how Kegels can improve orgasms. You’ll be taking notes with all the good information she has got cooking.  

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I am legit OBSESSED with podcasts so if your favs are not on this list, LET ME KNOW!  I am always looking for podcasts to listen to and enjoy! As for the ones I mentioned, your ears will thank me. 

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