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10 Podcasts To Listen To While You Work Out

10 Podcasts To Listen To While You Work Out

10 Podcasts To Listen To While You Work Out

Podcasts are a great option when you’re bored of your same old workout playlist! Choose from a variety of topics and get to moving with these 10 great podcasts!

1. Do The Thing

If you are into health and alternative diets and lifestyles, check out Do The Thing with Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban. Each week, Urban interviews doctors, therapists, foodies and more to help you to just do the thing already! This is a motivational podcast as much as it is informational so it is a great choice for while you are working out.

I discovered her podcast while researching the Whole 30 program and she interviews people with various perspectives on life, food, addiction and more. Since you’re already working out, you mind as well hear about some other healthy stuff too!


2. The Joe Rogan Experience

Hosted by actor, commentator, martial artist and comedian Joe Rogan, this podcast has been on the top ten list since it’s release in December 2009. You might know Rogan as the host of Fear Factor or for his work in UFC but either way, you know he’s a passionate guy. Interviewing everyone from politicians, actors, scientists and more, the open and honest conversations are riveting and will hold your attention while you work out.

This show is awesome since the variety of guests is spectacular and with the length of each podcast, you will have plenty of interviews to listen to while you do your cardio and lift. Get ready for some passionate discussions that will give you something to think about!

3. Call Her Daddy

If you are a fan of Barstool Sports then you definitely have heard of this podcast and know what it’s about. If not, here’s the gist. Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn share every detail of their 20-something lives in NYC together. Any sex question you’ve ever had, they cover it in detail. While some may find it a little controversial, critics and listeners have praised them for being so open, honest and empowering about sex and relationships.


4. Decomposed

If you love music and history, check out this podcast the next time you head to the gym. Hosted by Jade Simmons who is a classical concert pianist, the podcast tells the stories of composers, famous works of music and more. The great thing about this podcast is it reveals a lot of never-before-heard scandals and secrets of famous composers and the stories behind compositions that defined generations. Listen along as Simmons shares the details accompanied by performances of the work throughout.

5. Trashy Divorces

If you want to feel like you are watching reality tv while you workout, give this podcast a listen. Stacie and Alicia joined forces once they realized that the handle @trashydivorces was somehow not taken on social media and their podcast was born! Each week, they tell the story of a divorce with incredible details of the people, couples, and scandals involved in divorces you thought you knew. This podcast is great because it feels like you are gossiping with friends and it is easy to listen to while you work out!

6. The Tim Ferris Show

This podcast has been the number one business podcast for almost three full years, with entrepreneur and life deconstructor Tim Ferriss. In addition to his podcast, Ferriss has written books such as The Four Hour Workweek and Tribe of Mentors. His goal is to make you better at everything you do, or teach you how to become better! Each episode, Ferriss has guests on that are in the tops of their field whether it is science, sports, social media or acting. If you want to just become a better human, try this podcast out!


7. Unqualified

If you are looking for a laugh while still getting advice and encouragement, check out Unqualified. Hosted by actress Anna Faris, each episode begins with interviews with celebrities and other Hollywood types discussing different aspects of relationships and giving advice. The second half involves listeners calling in to get advice from Faris and her guests. If you want some friendly advice that is funny as it is honest, give this podcast a listen!

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8. Stuff Mom Never Told You

I have been listening to this podcast for over five years now and it never gets boring! The podcast is under the How Stuff Works umbrella so it is as informational as it is fun! Each episode covers a topic of things that your mom didn’t tell you but that you should definitely know. Everything from women in science to how to deal with harassment to asking your boss for a raise. If it is an aspect of being a woman, this show covers it in a way you wish your mom would! Start from the beginning of the show and work your way through the host changes to get a wide variety of topics!


9. This American Life

If you enjoy listening to stories, This American Life is a weekly podcast you should listen to. Each week, the hour-long pod covers a topic with a series of short stories, essays, field recordings, fiction and more. Host Ira Glass introduces each “act” before the performance of the written piece begins. Give this podcast a listen if you like hearing human interest-type journalism on all aspects of human life. If you’re into soothing podcasts, this one’s for you! Pair with a yoga session or cool down.

10. Armchair Expert

Finally, join Dax Shepard for a podcast celebrating “the messiness of being human.” Each week Shepard and co-host Monica Padman interview celebrities, journalists and academics about life as a human. With over a decade of sobriety, a degree in anthropology and endless amounts of curiosity and humor Shepard produces podcasts that are funny, interesting and endearing. The long-form interviews are perfect for long workouts so give it a listen

Which of these podcasts are you going to listen to during your next workout? Share in the comments below! 


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