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7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

If you’re anything like me, sleep doesn’t always come easy (ain’t no rest for the Wicked, or something like that). This means that we can end up staying up going down the rabbit hole on Google and Wikipedia, watching YouTube videos, binging shows on Netflix, and, of course, listening to Podcasts.

In general, Podcasts may be the best option for sleep, because, well, you only need to listen…and your eyes can be closed (pretty obvious, I know). If you time things just right, you can fall asleep towards the end, or find yourself nice and primed for sleep by the time the Podcast finishes. 

Now, I also know the problem of getting too interested in a Podcast to be able to fall asleep-so this won’t contain any radio theatre-style shows or true crime podcasts, though that doesn’t mean these Podcasts are boring. Far from it: often if I do fall asleep before one is through, I’ll go back and finish it the next morning to see what I missed.

1. David Tennant Does A Podcast With…

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, or most recently Good Omens, chances are you know this name. David (or DT as they call him in the Podcast) runs a very relaxed ship, inviting other actors he knows personally (names listed below) to come aboard and talk about their experiences getting into show business and how their lives have changed since they’ve become famous. It feels very intimate and sweet since the other actors are his friends and therefore it feels like you’re just part of the conversation while a couple of friends have a nice chat. He has a very lovely Scottish accent as well, so that certainly doesn’t hurt, either. 

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

2. Just Between Us

YouTube stars, authors and best friends, Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin finally have a Podcast. As their tagline says they’re all about “brutal honesty, female friendship, and completely unsolicited advice.” Talking about everything from relationships and dating to mental health and sexual identity and expression, Just Between Us works in much the same way their YouTube show has, allowing the audience to submit weekly questions, with some fun games (or “Hypotheticals”) for their guests along the way.

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

3. Hannalyze This

Lesbian “My Drunk Kitchen” Icon Hannah Hart and her good straight friend Hannah Gelb host Hannalyze This, “The self-help podcast that just can’t help itself.” Discussing life after college (and into your thirties), the Hannahs talk about Perfectionism, anxiety, and how to navigate life in a meaningful way. With guest appearances by other OG Youtubers like Tyler Oakley, Hank Green and Mamrie Hart, Hannalyze This is an often deeply personal Podcast you can fall asleep to.

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep


4. Confidently Insecure 

If a place where you can talk about everything from sex-positivity (and sex parties) to how to make the world a little greener, Confidently Insecure is the podcast where “we’re absolutely sure we don’t know everything.” Run by the amazingly talented Kelsey Darragh (also of BuzzFeed and formerly of the podcast Adult Sh1T), Confidently Insecure is a great spot to hear people discussing their strengths and weaknesses in all walks of life.

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

5. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

As the most flamboyant of the members of Netflix’s Queer Eye, hairstylist and self-care advocate JVN is perhaps not the member of the Fab 5 you’d have most guessed would have a Podcast…much less one that centers around talking about politics and world issues! But clearly, beauty is more than skin deep with Jonathan Van Ness as he invites experts on to talk about all the many things he’s curious about. For a great educational dive before you fall asleep, listen to Getting Curious.  

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7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

6. Why Won’t You Date Me? 

Netflix’s Nailed It star and comedian, Nicole Byer is a crack-up, making this relationship podcast one for the books. The initial episodes especially start with previous hook-ups and almost-boyfriends, in a no-holds-barred discussion of, well, why they didn’t date. Going on to have friends and people of all relationship statuses, Why Won’t You Date Me deals with what it’s like dating in the modern age, with lots of laughs along the way. You just might giggle yourself to sleep. 

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

7. The Trypod

Professional best friends and goofy guys, the Try Guys made their start on BuzzFeed, and have stretched out to create, first their own YT channel, ad now their own Podcast. If you like the banter you get from them in their show, you’ll like it here, too. Possibly the least structured Podcast on here (sorry guys) it’s really just about them talking and telling stories, and I think that makes it a good Podcast to fall asleep smiling to.

7 Podcasts To Listen To When You Fall Asleep

Clearly, I’m big into YouTube, talks about identity, relationships, and comedy, so let me know if there are any amazing Podcasts you think I missed! 

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