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10 Podcasts To Listen To RN

10 Podcasts To Listen To RN

Podcasts are great for those who prefer to listen instead of sitting down and watching or for those who may even be too busy to sit down and watch something. Podcasts are great for those who want to listen to something other than music during their everyday chores like washing the dishes or driving to class or work. Plus there is a wide variety of podcasts there definitely is at least one podcast to fit your taste. From business to true crime there is an endless amount of possibilities. That being said here are 10 podcasts to listen to right now.

1. The Influencers Podcast

The influencers podcast hosted by Julie Solomon is a great podcast for those who are looking to grow their social media status into becoming an influencer. Julie received a journalism degree and worked as a publicist in a music firm in New York she then decided to move back home and work at Harper Collins. After this Julie started her own company and created best sellers. She knows the industry inside and out and uses her podcast to teach and empower women about being an influencer and upping your game.


2. Sleep With Me Podcast

The sleep with me podcast hosted by “Dearest Scooter” aka Drew Ackerman is perfect for those who wake up in the middle of the night, have insomnia or need help falling asleep. The Sleep with me podcast works because “dearest scooter” has a lulling and calming voice while he tells you stories to distract your mind until you eventually drift off to sleep. If you’re looking for a podcast to distract you to help you get a full night’s sleep then look no further because this one is it. The bedtime stories being told in this podcast have been featured in The New York Times, Mental Floss, etc. which attributes how good these bedtime stories are.


3. TED Talks Society and Culture

If you love watching TED talks but might not have the time to sit down and watch a video the society and culture podcast is great for you. It is about life and living in today’s society and culture. The podcast has guest speakers from psychologists, business leaders, and researchers. This podcast is great if you really want something to make you stop and think about the topic. TED Talks also happens to be a nonprofit. So if you’re looking to learn a few things or have it question what you originally thought and have you open your perspective this podcast might be the one for you.

4. Moms and Murder Podcast

If you’re interested in true crime I would highly suggest listening to this podcast. There are two hosts in this podcast Mellisa and Mandy. Just because murder is in the podcast name doesn’t mean that every episode they discuss has murder in it although most of them do. This a true-crime podcast that every episode is a new case. They have murder, scam artists, robberies, etc. They also give insight on some cases that you never even heard of before as they don’t only focus on highly publicized true crime cases.

5. The New Yorker The Writers Voice

The New Yorker The writer’s voice is great for those who have an English or journalism degree or have a love for reading. The writers voice podcast has an author reading a different story from one of their fictional stories during each one of the episodes. This podcast has readings from Emma Cline, Joy Williams, etc. So if you’re a fanatic of books or are looking for new authors to hear about the new yorkers the writer’s voice is a good podcast for you.

6. Home Cooking

The home cooking podcast is hosted by Samin Norsat (Writer of Salt, Acid, Fat, and Heat) and Hrishikesh Hirway (Podcast host of the WestWing Weekly and Song Exploder). This podcast is perfect for those who are trying to cook and limited ingredients or are trying to figure out what to make during a pandemic. Samin Norsats gives uplifting optimistic outlooks in this podcast even when trying something that seems way too odd to work. So if you’re looking for some new weird ideas for your kitchen this podcast may be the one for you.

7. The Argument

This podcast is perfect for the debater inside of you. The host is David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg, and Ross Douthat who are opinion columnists for the new york times. ย Each episode in this podcast has them tackling different controversial topics and take a stance and discuss it. As infurating as this may seem at first it shows great insight on how both sides of the argument think and why and allows you to maybe get a deeper understanding of each of our stances. If you’re in a debate team or simply want to learn more about the opposing side or maybe just here a columnist agrees with your stance than the argument is a great podcast to listen to.


8. Bodies

This is a science-based documentary-style podcast hosted by Allison Behringer who discusses medical mysteries and as you continue to listen to you this podcast shows more how doctors tend to disregard women and others and their problems. This podcast starts with Allison on the journey on how to find out why sex started hurting her to an episode where a company sold a product targeted to black women that had asbestos in it. This podcast takes you to a wild ride and if you’re a woman interested in science and mystery stories like those then this should be on your listen to next.

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9. The Dream

The Dream podcast host Jane Marie is on a hunt to find out more about MLM’s and why they mainly focus on women who need flexible income. This podcast is infuriating as you learn more about how MLM’s scam people that are looking for help or are trying to help their families. If you’re interested in learning about MLM’s and how they scam others and devastate lives then this podcast is great for you.


10. Felonious Florida

If you live in Florida and are interested in true crime than this podcast is amazing. It’s one of my favorite podcasts. The host of this podcast is EmmaKate Austin and she discusses interesting and most bizarre dark cases found in the sunshine state. This has to be one of the most interesting podcasts that I’ve ever listened to. There are many people behind the scenes besides the host EmmaKate as well as The Sun-Sentinel also works on this podcast to give the most honest and interesting true crime detailed stories.


Let us know if you have ever listened to any of these podcasts or which ones you are interested in listening to when you go to find a new podcast.

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