Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

Every crime junkie gets excited for any opportunity to listen to a well-told story of cruel intentions. Enthusiasts enjoy trying to figure out the intentions of the crime itself, often predicting who the culprit could be, and seek out stories filled with cruelty and maliciousness for entertaining purposes. Crime oriented podcasts give crime junkies a platform to indulge in their interest. Listed below are the top five podcasts made for lovers of crime stories.

1. Crime Junkie

Storyteller Ashley Flowers provides listeners of the Crime Junkie podcast with newly compelling stories of true crime each week. A crime story enthusiasts herself, Flowers usually picks her episode topics from a list of criminal stories shes researched and become obsessed with already. Her storytelling is straightforward and free of rabbit holes so that each case remains uber suspenseful and easy to follow. Her relaxed and casual tone makes it feel like your in a conversation about crime with close friends. One episode of the Crime Junkie podcast and you’re sure to become a fangirl of Ashley Flowers.

Get your true crime fix with a new episode of Crime Junkie each Monday.

Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

2. Criminal

True crime is not a black and white story of who did what and why. Criminal events are something more complex, a rather intricate weave of twisted psychological motives and unknow mal-intentions with little to no closures. Crime is not always justified by the “if it bleeds, it leads”, but is a complex beast that covers any type of unwanted mishappenings that occur in the world. The Criminal podcast focuses each episode on the story of a crime that is more complex than typical homicide cases. Stories of people who have done wrong, been wronged or have gotten caught somewhere in the middle are the forte of this unique crime podcast.

Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

3. True Crime Obsessed

If you enjoy the satirical and ironic mixture of crime and comedy, then True Crime Obsessed should be added to your list of podcasts that must be listened to. In each episode, the authors Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle, recap one of the many favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass and a well times garbage bell. This unique way of storytelling provides comic relief to subjects that are rather gruesome in nature, giving listeners a refreshing way of hearing all of the mystery without terrifying details.

Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

4. Sword & Scale

The Sword and Scale podcast provides listeners with an immersive audio experience uncovering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Leaving nothing to the imagination, this podcast is for the strong-stomached crime lovers who can handle listening to all of the gory details from cruelest of crimes. Covering topics from murder, rape, dismemberment, and cannibalism this series tells the worst of the worst, unveiling the real world monsters among us all. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure for the Sword & Scale.

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Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

5. Serial Killers

This podcast by the Parcast Network is dedicated to uncovering the motives behind the worlds most notable serial killers. Diving deep into the twisted minds of killers prone to repetition, Serial Killer hopes to provide listeners with a better understanding of each killer’s psychological profile. Using in-depth research, the authors of this podcast series give listeners a glimpse into the mind, methods, and madness of notorious serial killers. Each episode takes a psychological yet entertaining approach in order to delve deep into the lives and stories of the most feared individuals.

A new and thrilling episode of Serial Killer is released every Monday for all the crime junkies out there.

Top 5 Podcasts To Follow For Any Crime Junkie

Each and every one of these thrilling crime podcasts can be found on the Podcast App on any iPhone or streamed through Spotify. If you have listened to any of these crime junkie podcasts, be sure to share with us your favorite episode in the comment section below, or leave recommendations for other crime oriented podcasts!

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