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5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

It’s definitely taken me waaay too long to hop on this podcast train! But, I can finally say, I’ve made it. I’m there with the rest of you. Podcasts are SO inspiring, and I’m finally starting to understand what the hype is all this time. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get on board! Well, anyway, now that I’m on the same page as everyone else, let’s get to it!

A friend of mine and I were chatting about podcasts and she opened my eyes up to an entirely different genre of podcasts, and one that I am very interested in: astrology podcasts.

I have to say, I’m definitely not an expert at astrology; it’s a passion project more than anything and I have a lot to learn. I have goals to learn more and to be more attuned with astrology so that I don’t have to rely on others’ descriptions and explanations of astrology. One day, one day. In the meantime, however, I look to the experts to help guide me, five of which I have listed below.

1. The Inspired Table with Jordanna Levin

This podcast was actually recommended to me by the friend I mentioned above. We both took our yoga teacher training together, so our interests aligned when it comes to what we look for in our podcasts: knowledge, inspiration, spiritual guidance, among a bunch of other reasons.

‘The Inspired Table’ is a great starting point when it comes to learning about astrology and how to navigate the lunar cycles, in particular. Jordanna has an amazing trove of bite-sized podcasts ranging from mindfulness meditation to manifestation to specific topics discussed with special guests. Most recently, Jordanna has been recording podcasts that help her listeners navigate the Full and New Moons each month.

She offers tips, techniques, and practices that you might want to take part in to help you to act in accordance with the moon’s cycle at any given phase. There’s a lot more to it, but for the Sagittarius Full Moon this month, Jordanna discusses how this full moon is offering us the opportunity to dream big and be curious, an intuition she gets from Sagittarius’ position in accordance with certain planets, one of them being Neptune, the notoriously dreamy planet.

According to Jordanna, this full moon encourages us to surrender to the dream that big things can happen if we let them. To do so, we need to allow ourselves to do some old fashioned daydreaming, the only way we can really allow ourselves to surrender, letting go of inhibitions and restrictions to make room for what we can manifest and dream up into our lives if we fully let ourselves do so.

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

2. Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Although I said Jordanna Levin’s podcasts are bite-sized, Theresa Reed’s are even more so, perhaps nibble-sized if I can say so, making them quick, digestible gems of information all about specific astrological signs and concepts. Each of Theresa’s podcasts is about 5 minutes long making them accessible podcasts to listen to in a pinch, while also gaining knowledge in a new area.

Theresa has podcasts most recently on each of the houses of the astrological chart that inform our existence, going into depth on what each of these houses means to us and how they reflect and inform how we navigate the world around us. For instance, The Tenth House represents your reputation, career, and status, while the Seventh House rules your relationships, just as the Third House is the house of mind. Each of the twelve houses has a purpose within our astrological charts and reveals to each one of us what we might not have otherwise realized.

These are really great, miniature podcasts that really start to get at the core of what these concepts mean to each and every one of us, something that I value immensely. In other podcasts, Theresa covers and explains various asteroids as they relate to our lives, who we are, and different planetary rulerships. In some of her old episodes, Theresa also talks about all twelve astrological signs, touching on the elements and general characteristics that align with each zodiac, as well as the different planets and how they affect our individual charts.

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

3. The Cosmic Calling with Natalie Walstein

What I love about this podcast is that Natalie Walstein, the podcast’s creator, focuses on how astrology and how each and every individual’s astrological chart can influence and inform how we feel about and embark on our careers.

As Natalie describes in her podcast description, her podcasts are meant for those who wish to align their lives and their careers with the cosmos. Neither one exists without the other, in reality, and once we tap into this fact and use it to our advantage do we actually start getting the most out of our lives and our careers.

Natalie features interesting and inspiring individuals on each of her podcasts to discuss topics such as tuning into your inner wisdom and crystallizing your soul path using astrology and astrological concepts to help you get there, as well as learning how to connect more soulfully within your business to begin changing how we perceive and operate said businesses. Natalie’s podcast is a wealth of knowledge on so many different topics, each of which will leave you feeling more inspired than when you first started listening and more motivated to become attuned to the ways the cosmos can influence our lives for the better.

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

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4. Radiant Astrology Podcast with Christina Caudill

More closely related to Jordanna Levin’s ‘The Inspired Table,’ but with her own spiritual insight on the topic, ‘Radiant Astrology’ podcaster and astrologer Christina Caudill uses her wealth of astrological knowledge for the purpose of soul-level healing.

Christina walks her listeners various soul-searching topics, such as learning how to evolve through relationships, exploring how we might navigate mercury retrograde, and examining how to begin healing past lives, all through the influence of astrology.

It’s quite inspiring, in my opinion, to acquire bits of knowledge that appear to be separate from us, like astrology, but that entirely inform how we act, behave and exist in the world. Christina features several different guests within many of her podcasts to create an inspiring, intelligent, and creative dialogue going about each topic. I can’t help but feel motivated to continue reaching toward my best self whenever I listen to her podcasts.

Her podcasts are typically a little over an hour long making them an excellent addition to your daily commute, something I love to do. As a result, I feel like my commutes are never wasted doing nothing, but rather, continually working to better myself and understand the inner workings of my being.

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

5. What’s Your Sign? with Stevie Anderson, Julia Loken, and Lisa Chanoux

Oh, this podcast is a treasure for a couple of reasons. It’s about astrology, yes, but it’s also very much gently poking fun at astrology because, for some people, astrology can be a little overwhelming or out there. But the reason I love this podcast is that it is so real; genuinely, it’s as if you’re listening to a conversation between best friends into which you have been invited.

As a result, this podcast is, yes, for the astrology enthusiast but in such a way that the kind of content you get out of it is very different, a different kind of food for the soul. It’s fun, light, and not to be taken too seriously, but still with some great discussion about astrology. You’ll get a real kick out of their dialogue!

5 Podcasts For The Astrology Enthusiast

What astrology podcasts have you listened to? Have you listened to any of those listed above? Share below!

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