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8 PMS Cures You Need To Know

8 PMS Cures You Need To Know

PMS refers to the premenstrual syndrome that is both physical and emotional and this is something that a lot of women have suffered from. The typical PMS symptoms include anxiety, irritability, feeling low, difficulty in concentration, bloating and even swollen breasts. All of these things are really hard to deal with. So here are some PMS cures you should know about:

1. Improve Your Diet

If you are looking to improve your PMS symptoms, the best way to start is to change your diet. You want to avoid salt heavy like ham, instant noodles and pizza. A high sodium diet can result in bloating which will worsen your PMS symptoms.

You should also avoid having caffeine as it could add to your irritability as well as anxiety. If you physically cannot function without your morning coffee, it might be useful to purchase some caffeine-free alternatives to satisfy those daily craving.


You want to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you are absolutely not a fan of fruits and veggies, it might be a good idea to start making smoothies on your own. They are delicious and will definitely help you with getting the fruit and veg in your body! it is also important to remember that you are essentially what you eat. Improving your diet will also improve your mental health. So your changing to a healthier diet is probably one of the most important PMS cures!

2. Exercise More

Exercise can help with both your physical as well as your emotional PMS symptoms. This is another solid PMS cures where it will improve your PMS discomfort significantly. Exercising can help with improving your mental well being such as to relieve irritability and anxiety.

If you are not a massive fan of exercising (totally understandable), doing some light yoga before bed and when you wake up in the morning will also contribute to your physical well being! So take a step at a time and make sure you are working on it.


3. Lemon Green Tea

If bloating is a major discomfort for you, then you might want to try to have some lemon green tea before you go to bed. Green tea can help to reduce bloating as it is rich in antioxidants. It can also improve your mood swings! This is definitely the easiest PMS cures of there that you can try!

4. Prioritize Your Well Being

Really try to pay attention to your emotions especially when you are experiencing PMS. You might want to keep note of the emotions you are experiencing and really noting it as part of your symptoms. Trying meditation and yoga will also help you to release stress and moodiness. Although these cures might not be effective straight away, it is important to keep it a habit.


You should also do things that relax you the most. After all, you are experiencing a lot of difficult emotions and psychical changes that are all causing discomfort. You should do whatever that relaxes you the most to reduce stress. Whether it is watching Netflix in bed with your favourite face mask on or having a girls day out, do whatever that is stress-relieving!

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5. Vitamins B-6

Vitamins B-6 plays an important role in your moods as it helps to improve moodiness, stress and anxiety. Food like tuna, salmon, chickpeas and starch vegetables like potatoes will definitely help.

6. Regular Sleeping Pattern

This is easier said than done. Most of us live a pretty busy lifestyle for that we do not know when we are going to bed most of the time. Getting a consistent amount of sleep every night will help with mood swings, stress and fatigue. Having a regular sleeping pattern will definitely help you feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.


7. Iron Pills

Iron pills can prevent many PMS symptoms. Research found that women who are take iron pills regularly are 1/3 less likely to suffer from PMS. You could also get more iron from vegetables like leafy greens such as spinach. 

8. Eat Smaller Meals To Help With Bloating

If you want to prevent bloating, you could also eat more meals but with smaller portions. Try to break your lunch into two parts so it will help you with digestion as well as helping you to stay energized! 

So here are some of the PMS cures you need to know about! Comment down below to let us know if you have any tips!

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