Plus Size Sex Positions You’re Going To Love

Well, It’s that time again. To talk about a topic that will most likely make your mom and dad uncomfortable. Specifically, plus size sex positions.

As someone who is plus size, I notice that it is not very often, hardly ever really, that a plus size woman is portrayed having sex. “Empire” actress Gabourey Sidibe sparked controversy and brought to light the fatphobia that exists surrounding plus size bodies partaking in a natural human activity.

Truth is, and this might come as a shocker for some people, that “big” girls have sex too. Of course, not every experience is phenomenal but most of the time it’s great. But in order to have these great experiences we do need to realize, as plus size women, that not every position is going to work. Our bodies are shaped differently and we have to work with what we got and let it work for us.

Here are some plus size sex positions you will love:

1. Doggy

This is probably one of the best positions for the plus size body because your tummy isn’t going to get in the way at all. Your partner will be able to enter you from behind without any difficulty. If you are blessed with a big booty, it might be a little of a challenge but remember that pillows are your best friends to help you support your body weight. Definitely a sex position you are going to love.

Plus Size Sex Positions You’re Going To Love

2. Cowgirl

I know a lot of plus size women hate this position. The idea of being fully visible to your partner can be scary but here is a secret: they know what you look like and if you are having sex with them there is a 99 percent chance, they like how your body looks. What’s great about this plus size friendly position is that it puts you in control so if you feel to need to adjust your body you definitely can.

Plus Size Sex Positions You’re Going To Love

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3. Reverse Cowgirl

Switch it around, girl. The first moments might take a little bit of getting used to but it is one of the best positions. If your partner is a fan of your butt, they will love this position, too. One of the best sex positions for a plus size body that you’ll love. Not only are they getting a great view of your fabulous assets, but you will stay in control and be able to adjust your position by leaning forward onto their legs if you feel the need too.

4. Missionary

Hear me out before you roll your eyes. This basic position can be one of the hardest for plus size bodies, especially if your partner is also plus size but like I mentioned before, pillows are your best friends. Placing a pillow under your butt to lift your pelvic area can make a big difference and really allow you to get the action you deserve.

5. The Standing Pretzel

The name might be a little confusing but I promise it works great for the plus size body. In this position, the penetrating partner is standing while the receiving partner is laying on the bed near the edge. They will straddle your right leg and lift your left over him so that it is curled around them. This position is not only comfortable but also allows for a deeper penetration.

It is super important as women, especially plus size women, that we start being able to talk openly about sexuality and help contribute to the conversation that plus size women have sex too. Plus size sexuality is normal. By having information about positions that can help our experiences, we are able to fully enjoy our sexual experiences. These plus size sex positions are able to spice up your sex life and when you are having good sex you’ll want to shout it from the roof tops.

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