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Plus Size Guide To Owning The Bedroom

Plus Size Guide To Owning The Bedroom

Here are five tips to owning the bed as a plus size gal! Trust me ladies, it's all in our heads. You have the right to feel free and liberated during sex!

What people must understand is that plus size women have sex! In society, it’s uncommon to talk about it. It is not seen in very many movies, books, talk shows etc… let alone the plus size body being seen on runways or billboards as beautiful is not very circulated either. We love sex too! It is just as exciting and relieving to us like everyone else. It has become evident that most of us (plus size women) are a bit shaky when it comes to the bedroom. Here are a few tips to let your guards down so you can enjoy that sexy moment with your partner.

Rule #1: Confidence

Being confident with your body is key. You are the star of the show! Let loose and enjoy yourself. Do not remain covered up; he/she knew what they were getting into when they met you. Show your partner how sexy you can be! Own the room by feeling comfortable; dance around a little, start a little foreplay show to get you both in the mood. It will loosen you up and damn sure have your partner feeling hot.

Plus Size Guide To Owning The Bedroom

Rule #2: Try Something New

Lingerie is a good way to spice things up in the bedroom. Putting on something skimpy and sexy for your partner can be both satisfying and fun at the same time. You see the point of lingerie is to give you a boost of the first rule, confidence. You’ll turn into another woman once you get comfortable in something you like. As a plus size woman, there are a number of places to purchase such outfits, and if you’re really kinky, toys too. Personally, I feel a pole would definitely spice things up. There’s nothing like a steamy, sexy striptease.

Plus Size Guide To Owning The Bedroom

Rule #3: Comfortability

Now, we know that we are thick girls and there are certain positions we cannot do. You have to face that while also knowing there are many other positions we can do. For example, I know most plus size women do not like to be on top. It’s mostly you being inside your head. Take it from me, I know! The fear of what you may look like while on top, getting tired too quickly or feeling like you’re maybe too heavy to be doing something like this. All wrong! Like I stated before, your partner knew what they were getting themselves into when they met you. They can handle it. All women are different. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what interests you. The bedroom is where you should feel the most comfortable.

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Rule#4: They Chose You!

Get this through your head, girl. I can not stress this enough. No one forces themselves to sleep with someone they don’t want too. You are appealing to them. They are INTO YOU! The fact that you are naked in their presence is enough for them. Enjoying being you at that moment. Let it all hang out. It doesn’t matter if you feel that your arms are flabby, your stomach hangs too low, or your thighs are too big. Believe me, sis, he/she does not care. In fact, they love it!

plus size guide to owning the bedroom

Rule #5: Have Fun

Simple. Sex is supposed to be fun and satisfying for all parties involved. Use your imagination and maybe relive some of your fantasies. Relieve that stress, make yourself feel good on the inside and out!

Please, plus size beauties, don’t over think the situation. I promise it is not all that bad. So, save yourself the trouble and stop stressing and start living your best life. Feel free to leave a comment below to help more women feel a more comfortable it the bedroom.

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