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10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

There is always a stereotype that women and men who are plus size can’t live a healthy lifestyle or workout since, you know, “they are too fat to work out.” But these 10 plus size fitness bloggers show the world that this isn’t true, you can live a healthy lifestyle and be fit without being skinny. Keep reading for some major workout inspiration!

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

1. Not-Your-Average-Runner Jill Angie.

Jill Angie is the resident running coach on this blog. She started off running to lose weight and she only thought about it as a way to burn calories. She ran on and off, but gained 300 pounds, so she started running again and changed the way she thought about it. She thought about it as a way to build up her confidence and strength. This is why I personally am inspired by her, she is spreading the word that you can be a runner at any size or shape.

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

2. Triathlete and running coach Leah G.

This is Leah G who shows her fitness lifestyle on her Instagram. She shows that if you set your mind on something, you can do it no matter what size you are. Leah is a triathlete and a running coach. You can follow her on Instagram to see her body positivity and fitness posts. She also has a YouTube channel!



3. Krista Henderson’s Born To Reign Athletics.

This blog was created by Krista Henderson and provides information and tools as well as resources to motivate, educate, and celebrate plus sized fitness bloggers and athletes. She believes that there is an athlete living inside you, everyone has a different finish line and that falling down allows you to rise up. These are just some of what she believes in. Krista strives by the quote “Train like an Athlete,” which has helped her shift her lifestyle. She is on a mission to share her lessons and to inspire plus sized women to live a healthy lifestyle as well as finding their inner athlete.


4. Anna Guest-Jelley’s Curvy Yoga.

This website was made by Anna Guest-Jelley and she is the founder of curvy yoga. She made this for teachers and students of yoga who want body affirmation and this helps them in finding body acceptance and what it means to them. She founded this because there was a huge gap in Yoga where curvy women who wanted to do this didn’t know how to start. She created a safe place to teach plus size women yoga and how to do it at their home, which makes her a huge inspiration.


5. The Plus Size Princess.

This blog really has it all when it comes to plus size. There is fitness, fashion, beauty, dating, and travel. Her motto is “Don’t wait on your weight. We can live amazing lives at any size, right?” To me this is such a great way to look at life, to be happy with yourself, but you can still live a healthy lifestyle while being plus size. She is not only a blogger but also has a YouTube channel as well!

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

6. My Name Is Jessamyn.

This blog is written by Jessamyn who is amazing at yoga! She is able to do amazing moves that you wouldn’t think possible if you were a plus sized woman. If you scroll through the blog, especially the Archives you can see a lot of videos that she has posted. She also has a social media. I definitely wish I could do those moves, but that is the point, she is showing that you can do yoga and the moves that she does with practice and determination no matter what size you are.

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration

7. Roz ‘The Diva’ Mays Kickass Trainer and Pole Diva.

This blog was founded by Roz ‘the diva’ Mays. She is certified in many instructional workouts, but is known for being a pole dancing instructor and loves to teach it. To many people, they think pole dancing is only meant for the strip club, oh how they are so wrong. It is a way for you to exercise and to feel good about yourself and to also feel sexy while getting a really good workout. One of the reasons why she is an inspiration and amazing because she is showing that you can feel sexy being pus sized while pole dancing.



8. Emily Ho’s Authentically Emmie.

Emily Ho runs this blog. This is a body positive, fitness and fashion blog. She started out with her blog called skinny Emmie in 2009 (it was a weight loss blog), and after losing weight she learned to love herself no matter what size she was; that is when this blog was born. Even though she lost weight, she focuses on living a healthy lifestyle with the body that she has and not hating it. She wants other women to feel the same, which makes this Emily a big inspiration to me as well as plus sized women.


9. Glitter + Lazers.

There isn’t a real name to this account, but she goes by her account name. She not only pays attention to fitness, but she also looks at plus sized fashion as well as travels a lot. She not only has an Instagram account, but also has a YouTube channel. She is showing women like most of these plus sized fitness bloggers to love yourself at the size you are at and to start living a healthy lifestyle.


10. Julie Creffield’s The Fat Girls’ Guide To Running.

This blog is all about running and how it doesn’t matter what size you are, you can still run being plus sized. Julie Creffield signed up for her first marathon, which is why she started the blog. It was so she could document and be accounted for what she was doing.

Over the years more and more plus sized women started to follow her blog saying that they also run. She says on her blog that everyone bangs on people who are overweight, which puts a lot of pressure on people to be a certain size. This means that body confidence is very low, but if we embrace our bodies as they are, to be healthier and happier, then we are able to find the weight we want to be in the process. This is why she is amazing!


*BONUS plus size fitness blogger Ashley Graham:

Appearing as the cover girl for Sports Illustrated plus size edition, Ashley Graham is a 27- year old body activist who knows her curvy body is sexy and wants any other plus size fitness athlete to know that their body can be sexy as well. Her patterned work out clothes are super trendy and she is a huge source for inspiration.

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Who are some of your favorite plus size fitness bloggers? Comment below and share this article with friends!

10 Plus Size Fitness Bloggers To Follow For Major Workout Inspiration
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