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8 Plus Size Fashion Trends That Need To Die Already

8 Plus Size Fashion Trends That Need To Die Already


The plus size fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries to date. There are many women starting their own fashion boutiques and plus size fashion websites popping up everywhere now. It is a great sight to see, however, even though you cater to plus size women, doesn’t mean that we like to wear our grandmother’s clothing. Here are several garments of my choosing that needs to die in the plus size fashion world.

8 Plus Size Fashion Trends That Need To Die Already

#1 The Peplum Blouse

This style has been around for years and it is literally everywhere! But that’s not the part that irks me. What really irks me is that it is STILL around and it has the nerve to come in different textures and lengths. The style hasn’t changed that much either and the plus size industry thinks that this is the solution to just about every plus size outfit. IT’S NOT!


 #2 Wide Animal Print clothing

The most common animal print I see in plus size department stores are leopard and cheetah print. Now, I am not saying plus size women shouldn’t be wearing this kind of print, but, it doesn’t belong on every piece of clothing for God’s sake!

#3 The Peplum Skirt

Same rules apply for the peplum blouse. This style has been around for years and the only change I have seen is that they changed it to a high-low ordeal. I think it’s tragic. The peplum skirt is on ALL plus size clothing sites.


#4 Shirts with “BABY” and “SEXY” across the Chest

When will this end! I am so TIRED of seeing this everywhere. I am twenty-four years old and this “statement” has been around since I started dressing. Even back then, I hated seeing it. In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s flattering. Why are you wearing a shirt with these words on it? Is it validation? How about reassurance? Whatever it may be, this sort of fashion needs to die already.

#5 High Low Tops

Now, I must admit I was a bit intrigued when the “High-Low” tops came into fashion. This garment could be flattering for some and make others look very frumpy.


I see many older women love this fashion, whereas you’ll see someone in their mid-twenties and below not wanting to be caught in something like this. We are rocking tube tops and belly shirts these days.

8 Plus Size Fashion Trends That Need To Die Already

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#6 Beaded Jeans

This is so early 2000’s! Come one plus size fashion industry aren’t we passed this?! We can take some regular jeans from time to time, everything doesn’t have to be boiled into the back pockets and/or along the sides. This statement needs to die because it has run its course. Ladies, let it go.

#7 Short, Under the Breast Jean Jackets

I see many plus size women still wear this and this may just be my opinion. I mean, after all, this entire article is my opinion. I never liked this style, however, I did give it the benefit of the doubt. I kept looking for the rest of the jacket to pull down or to pull across me. The whole jacket if just wishful thinking.


8 Plus Size Fashion Trends That Need To Die Already

#8 Unsupported Leggings

Now, the plus size fashion industry should know better than to not make sturdier leggings for plus size women. We have a little extra meat we working with down there so you know that making quality clothing for us is a must! This isn’t for all plus size clothing companies. I do notice that TORRID is like one of the best places to find quality leggings. But, for those other companies, you should be ashamed of yourself. I bought a pair of leggings from this well-known plus size fashion store (I will not name) and as soon as put the leggings on, their ripped up the ass! I was so mad.

There is a monumental epidemic that is happening in the plus size community in regards to fashion, photography, and modeling and I am here for it! I want to hear from my other plus size ladies in the audience. Leave a comment down below and tell me if you agree or not. Until next time, see you soon.

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