10 Playlists On Spotify For College Students In Need Of A Study Playlist

10 Playlists On Spotify For College Students In Need Of A Study Playlist

Studying in your room in silence can be very dreadful and will probably make you fall asleep easily when you’re trying to learn about ancient history. Music, however, can be a great background noise that will keep your brain a little more active and Spotify has a great selection of playlists to keep you going. Here are 10 Spotify playlists to try out:

1. Lofi Hip-Hop Relaxing and Study Vibes

This playlist includes a lot of well made lo-fi beats that won’t distract you from your studying. The beats are chill but have some upbeat noises in them as well to keep you jamming as you read your notes. My favorite song on this playlist is Sunflowers by Rook1e with its very old time radio sound.

10 Playlists On Spotify For College Students In Need Of A Study Playlist

2. Intense Studying

One of the ones made by Spotify on this list, this playlist will have you zoning out of the real world and zoning into your study notes. It’s a big mix of instrumental music, especially classical, that will also help your brain grow as you listen to it. I love the song A Trip to the Moon by Aiolos Rue that keeps my mind in almost like a bubble of focus.

3. Movie Score Study

As a film student, this is one of my favorite playlists to listen to. As the title says, this playlist is full of scores from great movies, my favorite score being Fireworks by Nicholas Hooper, the composer for the majority of the Harry Potter songs. These scores almost take you on an adventure and make studying very fun.

4. Chill Instrumental Beats

When listening to this playlist, I get a sense of being in a city. This is a lo-fi beats playlist created by Spotify. The beats found in this one keep your mind from being distracted by the things around you and have you keeping your focus on your studying. Purple Clouds by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist is super chill and relaxes you to keep you from getting anxious about your exam.

5. Lush + Atmospheric

If you’re someone that likes music with more lyrics then this is the playlist for you. The folk music in this Spotify playlist will relax your mind and also give you a sense of joy as you study. I love this playlist because it has one of my favorite artists in it which is Bon Iver. The music is soft and the lyrics almost blend into the music so you’re not too distracted by the singing.

10 Playlists On Spotify For College Students In Need Of A Study Playlist

6. Jazz Vibes

Yet another lo-fi playlist on Spotify, but this genre is definitely the best to study too. This one has a lot of jazz elements in the songs featured in the playlist. The songs here will get your mind to stay upbeat and calm at the same time. I love Take Me There by potsu and Chance Thrash because it mixes smooth jazz with lo-fi and has a unique and cool tone to it that has me vibing out to it as I read the words of my study notes.

7. Muted Jazz

With a strong piano element, this Spotify playlist really sharpens your brain. The more you listen to it and read your notes at the same time, the more you realize that studying isn’t so bad when you’re doing it with the right music. The song And Then The Night by Russ Sargeant takes you to a summer night in a backyard and relaxes you with some amazing instrumental over crickets singing.

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8. Gold Instrumental Beats

Hip Hop is one of those music genres that gives you a mix of emotions. It’s upbeat and has you jamming to every song but this Spotify playlist is just beats with very minimal lyrics to help you stay focus and relax your mind. Lots of Happiness Turns to Gold by Isaintjames has some mellow beats and some singing that you barely even notice when you’re focused on something else.

9. Calm Classics

I can admit that classical music can be boring at times but when I put it together with studying, it turns into something else. Apparently, it’s scientifically proven that classical music is the best music to listen to if you want to increase your knowledge, and when I listen to it when studying I can definitely agree with that. This Spotify playlist has a great selection of classical music but also some acoustics in there too, Heads of the Valleys Road by Jess Morgan being my favorite.

10. The Best Study Playlist Ever

This playlist is a mix of classic songs and film scores. The classical songs helping you grow your knowledge, and the film scores giving you a sense of nostalgia and adventure. I love when the score from the movie Up comes on because I have a strong connection with that movie and listening to it when studying makes studying way more enjoyable.

10 Playlists On Spotify For College Students In Need Of A Study Playlist

The best type of music to listen to are ones where you don’t know the lyrics or have no lyrics at all because you’ll catch yourself singing along and distract yourself from studying. These premade playlists will keep you from stressing about creating a playlist and have you continue to stress about your exam the next day, but just with some sweet tunes from Spotify.

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