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Playing Hard To Get: Does It Actually Work?

Playing Hard To Get: Does It Actually Work?

When people start darting or even new relationships, sometimes they play hard to get because they thinks this makes them more desirable. Here's an inside look on whether playing hard to get actually works.

I am no scientist, however I have done extensive google research over the past half hour (meaning I read one psychology today article) and am now prepared to present to you the “Sparknotes” version of “playing hard to get: does it actually work?”

1. Play is the operative word.

If you’re in college, great. If not, grow up, I guess. Are you looking for a game or are you looking for something genuine? If you are looking to increase attraction and desire (according to psychology today) then “being aloof fuels desire.” My problem here is the dishonesty. Do you really need to trick someone into liking you? Lmk.

2. Don’t be desperate.

When you are readily available to do anything you are perceived as a loser. Sorry, but it’s true. Have a life. Don’t cancel plans or cater your schedule around them. No one likes a stage five clinger.


3. Being honest improves trust and loyalty.

If you don’t want it to end at the honeymoon phase, foster an emotional connection. Creating a foundation for a relationship is incredibly important, and you can’t do that if you’re pretending. It is a known fact that people lie on their bumble and tinder profiles, but don’t be that person. I, for one, am not interested in superficial relationships.

4. Just know yourself.

Be true to your heart. The golden rule is “do onto others what you would want them to do to you.” Pretty self explanatory. If your end goal is feed your ego then take a quick look in the mirror and re-evaluate.

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5. No one is a mind reader.

Don’t waste my time. Don’t waste your time. It’s all valuable time and faking is wasting my time. I’m too fabulous for that.

As most things do, it all comes down to societal norms. Trust yourself and what feels right.

Do you think playing hard to get works? Let us know down below!