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6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

Summer time is approaching in with it you have more outdoors plans including spending long periods of time in your garden either taking the sun, reading a book or on a BBQ with friends. But with the risen of the heat there’s an enemy that comes out as well: mosquitos. This little but annoying creatures love hot weather and while they are good for nature, they are not as good for our skin specially if you have allergic reactions to them.

That’s why we bring you six different plants that you can add to your garden to keep it mosquito free and therefore keep your home as clear for them as you can. Plus, this are super pretty plants that will also add beauty and variety to your garden!

1. Basil

Kill two birds in one shoot! Basil is an annual herb with aromatic leaves that comes originally from India. This herb is widely used in cooking specially by Italian cuisine, it can be added to fresh salad, soups, pastas and stew to mention a few. By planting this herb, you will not only get a free ingredient to make your meals more delicious, but you will get a mosquito repellent that smells good! Try lemon basil o cinnamon basil for better results against mosquitos, but either type of basil works, and they are super easy plants to grow on any garden.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free


2. Marigolds

Marigolds are a super pretty flower that will add bright orange, yellow and red tones to your garden that will be blooming all summer long! And the best part of these plants is that they also work as a mosquito repellent. That’s why marigolds are a great choice to plant near your home or around your favorite crops to avoid mosquitos munching on your harvest. Mosquitos find the aroma of these plants repulsive and repellent since they contain Pyrethrum.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

3. Lemon Balm

Another plant that can give you more than one benefit when added to your garden! Lemon balm is an herb used for culinary purposes such as teas, marinate white meats and bake foods and jams. These plants are also used in traditional medicine as a digestive tonic and sleeping aid. But the best part is that you can get all these benefits by planting lemon balm in your garden plus you can have a natural mosquito repellent. Lemon balms are fast growing plants that can even resist droughts and super easy to plant for new gardeners.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

4. Lavender

Lavender will add a touch of pastel purple and a delicious smell to your garden! These plants are easy to grow near sunny places in pots or directly in your garden and they are full of properties. Lavender plants work as a natural mosquito repellent and it’s a great addition to your skincare routine another good reason to start planting these plants in your home.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

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5. Geraniums

Geraniums are typically grown as outdoor plants, but they can also be kept indoors in case you don’t have garden to add them too. Besides working as a natural repellent of mosquitoes these plants add color to your home garden. Also, you can make your own geranium oil from these plants that will help you with wound-healing, dental health and circulation to mention a few of its benefits.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free

6. Catnip

Catnip is a common herb that’s very easy to grow on almost any garden. These plants have a bright color green with feather-like foliage and small cluster of lavender flowers. Catnip can be used for culinary purposes but the main reason for you to plant it should be because it is an excellent mosquito repellent! According to studies, researchers agree that catnip is a more effective repellent than DEET an ingredient usually found in store bug repellents.6 Plants To Keep Your Garden Mosquito Free


Be sure to share with us if you have any of these plants in your garden!

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