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Plant Shops for Plant Moms

There were a couple options for things you could do to entertain yourself throughout a global pandemic. While the first couple weeks consisted of binge-watching every semi-interesting tv show on Netflix, that entertainment quickly became…unentertaining. As a result, most people found different outlets that occupied their time. Some became the epitome of a gym rat and probably haven’t emerged since they went for their workout in 2020; others invested their time learning crafts languages or restarting that one book, How To Make Friends and Influence People, in the hopes that one day they might actually utilize the skills discussed. Then there is a whole other category of individual. This induvial, pre-pandemic, had one plant. Just one. Perhaps it was positioned on the windowsill or on the desk where they worked. Regardless, there was only one. What we encounter when walking into this person’s space today is nothing short of a jungle. There are plants everywhere. Every surface is covered in green. This person might have even bought or built more furniture just to put more plants on them. Because there are never too many plants for this individual, the need to seek out new plant shops is pressing to say the least. Here are the best plant shops within the Chicagoland area for plant moms.

Sprout Home

If you are looking for that Instagram-worthy plant-obsessed location, sprout home is it. Located in West Town Chicago, Sprout home will stand out even curbside. The aesthetic of this building alone is enough to make anyone want to come back. Not only are the traditional houseplants beautiful, but there are different varieties of plants such as terrariums, dried florals, additional outdoor plants, and garden accessories. In addition to the large plants, the planters at this location are equally as beautiful. Sprout home will satisfy any plant mom’s plant needs. Even if it doesn’t, this is a go-to place at least once in your life.

Plant Shop Chicago

This plant store is another amazing choice for the plant moms who own a jungle or have their firstborn. Plant Shop Chicago is kept busy with new life and deep roots. This shop is an excellent stop for new plant owners as the employees are incredibly knowledgeable about each plant variety. Pairing the correct plant with the right parent is essential to them. Even if you have endless knowledge about plants and where they are happiest, you might just learn something new from these plant experts. Don’t forget to explore the interminable verities of plants, pots, and mixes that this fantastic shop has to offer.

Chicago Plants

Chicago Plants is another amazing plant store located off North Avenue in Chicago. The brick aesthetic in this shop really completes the look that most plant moms search for. While this shop is a bit smaller, there are plants literally everywhere. Packed in this tight and humid shop are hundreds of plant varieties that you must see. This plant shop is another great starting place for new plant moms to find their footing in the planting world. This shop focuses primarily on houseplants, so keep that in mind before you search for an outdoor baby. While this shop is small, the knowledge runs deep in its employees. Chicago Plants offers at-home consultations to establish which plants best suit your life!

Platt Hill Nursery

We have focused quite a bit on household plants, but plat hill is a great place to find a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. The green babies that live here are diverse, not overly priced, and well maintained. This Nursery is in both Bloomingdale and Carpentersville. Both locations have an overwhelming number of varieties that tend to be a bit different than city plants. If you are looking to add to your already well-established jungle, this shop is the place to start. Unique succulents, banana trees, dieffenbachia, and much more can be found here if you look hard for it. Variegated plants can also be discovered at this massive nursery if you are lucky.


Looking to support a small business, Trippots, another smaller shop that holds a lot of knowledge and interest in plants, is the place to go. Like many small businesses, this shop has a very home-like feel. Those who work there are fun, knowledgeable, considerate, and kind. This shop is a great place to throw a plant-themed party or take a class on plant care. Even if you don’t find a plant baby to take home, any plant mom will find themselves enthralled with the light and airy aesthetic this shop has created. Definitely, a place to check off on your plant bucket list.

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Adams & Son Gardens

Last but not least is Adams & Son Gardens. This adorable plant shop is in Humboldt Park. It includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants as well as an impressive collection of air plants, bonsai, succulents, and cacti to diversity your plant collection or your space. Adams & Son Gardens is quite an extensive shop with plant food, soil options, moss poles, and more. Additionally, small businesses surrounding the area can make for a great shopping day.

While plant moms are amazing, those who don’t have a green thumb are always welcome to check out the vibes of these adorable shops. Plants create such a bright environment that is fun and playful, which explains why so many have adopted plant babies within the last couple of years. Some words of advice. Make sure you have a clear space for the new addition to your jungle. Don’t buy a monstera when you only have 3 inches of shelf space left. Be sure to purchase the right soil for your plant. Researching the plants’ preferences is an excellent idea, so you can add compote, moss, or pebbles to your plant, giving them a higher survival rate. If you have a preexisting jungle, make sure to isolate your plants, spraying them with neem oil or wiping them down to get rid of any pesticides. Otherwise, keep adding to that jungle!

What magical plant shops have the preexisting plant moms found?
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