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Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

A beach date is perfect for the summer. I mean who doesn’t love the beach? It’s romantic, fun, and can provide many opportunities to grow closer to your significant other. You can’t just go to the beach in the spur of the moment, especially for a date it will take some planning.

Whether you live near a lake, river, ocean, or sea, planning a day at the beach will heat up your relationship! One of the reasons this is such a great date idea is that it’s flexible and fits with the interest of every couple. You can both go swimming if that’s your thing or stay beachside if that is more appealing. You can bring a volleyball, or frisbee to throw around. Or find a quiet spot to read, talk, and relax in peace.

No matter what activity you choose planning is involved. Make sure you tailor the date to your girlfriend’s taste. Nothing would be worse if you planned a beach date for your girlfriend that was just filled with things you enjoyed only. (Don’t be that person) Here are 7 things you should do before the date to ensure your girlfriend has an amazing time. 

Leave early in the AM 

Trust me when I say this but for a relaxing and fun beach date in the sun, you’ll need to get an early start to snag the perfect spot on the beach especially if the beach you are going to is a couple of hours away. Usually by 10 am the beach is already packed with plenty of families, couples, and friends who had the same idea as you. Take my advice and aim to arrive no later than 9 am. That way you’ll get a great spot near the beach entrance or risk walking miles down the shore to find a spot in the most undesirable place.

The night before make sure to find out how long it will take to drive to the beach so you can plan to leave in the morning accordingly. Also, fill up on gas too so you don’t have to make an unnecessary stop in the morning. If she has a favorite band or musician, make a playlist so you can both jam out to it on the way to the beach and start the date off on the right note.

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer 

Pack the essentials

If you want to impress your girlfriend make sure to pack all the essentials you’ll need for a perfect beach date. For food, make sure you grab her favorite snacks, drinks, and plenty of water. Sandwiches and fruits are good too. You’ll most likely be at the beach for the majority of the day so it will be smart to pack a cooler with beach-friendly foods that won’t go bad in the sun. For a special touch, pack all your food up in a picnic basket but don’t forget the ice!

For sun care, make sure to have plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, and extra towels. Don’t forget a beach umbrella and chairs or a beach canopy that the two of you can lay under when you’re not swimming. She will appreciate the extra thought of you making sure you both have everything you need before you leave the house.

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

Grab some cash

Having some cash on hand is a good idea for a beach date. First, you might have to pay cash to gain entrance to the beach, especially at private beach towns. Second, there are usually beach vendors that sell goodies like slushies and ice cream that your sweetie might like. Third, you can feel good about leaving debit or credit cards at home. I know personally, I’d rather lose $20 bucks in the sand than my debit card. You can save yourself some unnecessary worrying by carrying some cash on you.

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

Have a plan

Nothing will impress your girlfriend more than being a man with a plan. Women are all about the little details. Planning the perfect date will require a well-thought-out plan. So don’t wait to the night before or the day of to try and pull something together. Your girlfriend will notice! Take a few days before the date to go over the logistics and make sure you have a solid plan. 

You should be able to answer the following before the date: What beach? How much does it cost to get in? What food to bring? Activities? What to pack? 

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

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Take pictures

For the perfect beach date make sure you come with a fully charged phone. You’ll be responsible for documenting the day by snapping all the cutesy pictures of you two on this romantic getaway. She will love having tangible memories of days spent with you. So don’t forget to take pictures especially candid ones. 

Brace yourself if she asks you to take 20 pictures of her in the same pose. She will need that perfect Instagram shot. So be prepared, that’s what ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ are for! 

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

Be in the moment

The beach is for lovers! There’s just something about saltwater and sand that makes for a romantic spot so it’s important you focus all your attention on your girlfriend and making her feel loved and cherished.

Take your girlfriend’s hand and walk along the shore. Fly a kite. Build a sandcastle. Skip some rocks. Whatever activity you choose to do just be present with her. Leave the phone on silent or off (unless you’re taking pictures) and enjoy spending time in each other’s company. It’s the quickest way to build intimacy in a relationship no matter how long you’ve been dating. 

Plan The Perfect Beach Date For Your Girlfriend This Summer

Summer is almost here! Surprise your girlfriend with a cute beach date when the weather warms up. Just don’t forgot to take the necessary preparations needed to ensure she has the best beach date ever. She will thank you for it!

Have a favorite beach date story? We would love to hear it! Leave us your epic tale of woo down below in the comment section. 

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