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15 Plaid Skirt Outfits You Need To Copy Right Now

I went to a private high school and wore a plaid skirt every day for 4 years. Each time I look at one, it’s hard to shake the connotation of high school and that I’m going to get busted for rolling the waistband. But I’m not in high school anymore, and there are a lot of different ways to style a plaid skirt other than with a green polo, knee socks, and black flats. In addition, there are a lot of different colors like red, blue, white, green, black to choose from! Here are 10 plaid skirt outfits that you definitely need to try out.

1. The Artsy Look

By pairing two simple patterns in matching colors, it works. Keeping the accessories  matching also keeps it classy, while you can add bright colors to make it fun.

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2. The Edgy Look

A baggy tucked in shirt, a leather jacket, and combat boots edge up a plaid miniskirt. It’s a versatile look that works for class or for a concert.

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3. The Badass Look

All black and white leaves a good base for a brighter skirt. Sticking with the jewel tones doesn’t make it too over-the-top, but it’s still noticeable. All black accessories keep the look really simple.

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4. The Grunge Look

Cropped fitted shirt, knee high boots, and a graphic tee grunge up a plaid skirt. With the additional plaid shirt wrapped around the waste, it has a “rebellious private school student” vibe to it.

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5. Classic Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift keeps it nice and classic with her plaid skirt outfits. Keeping it monochromatic, she adds a pop of yellow in her shoes to keep it fun.

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6. Preppy Taylor Swift

Remember when T Swift wore a lot of plaid skirts? This time she pairs a maroon skirt with a  navy blue cropped sweater, tights, and oxfords.

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7. The Rachel

One of the most ICONIC fashion moments from Friends! A cropped turtleneck sweater, a high waisted plaid miniskirt, and knee high socks. Great outfit that still works today as well.

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8. Pastel

A high-waisted pleated skirt with a baggy graphic tee in muted pastels is a quirky take on the plaid miniskirt look. It has a fun, summery vibe.

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9. Winter

Thigh high boots, a thick sweater, and a cute belt is perfect for the winter. It’ll keep you nice and warm for any event you have. Bonus points for a matching purse and warm colored boots!

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10. Holiday Style

Plaid skirt outfits like this one are perfect for a holiday dinner. Dark neutrals keep it put together, while the outfit is super comfy! It’s great to trick everyone into thinking you tried hard to look good.

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11. Classic

A navy blue turtleneck, red and blue skirt, black skirt, and platform sandals are the classic way to style a plaid skirt. It’s classic for a reason: it’s a good look –  a great style to have for when you have to look semi-formal or just want to look nice for yourself.

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12. Springtime

Spring colors and a tucked in denim shirt make the look lighter. It’s still incredibly put together and can be paired with tights or knee socks on the chillier spring days, but it’s fine to wear this outfit on it’s own when the weather is warmer. Definitely one of the cutest plaid skirt outfits!

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13. Turtleneck

As a big fan of turtleneck sweaters, I love this one. It has a polished, yet hardcore vibe to it. Definitely great for a presentation, or just a day when you need a confidence boost. If you pair this with a shorter skirt it’s still not too scandalous with over-the-knee boots and full coverage top.

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14. Hipster

A fitted skirt and baggy sweater is a great hipster look. Paired with aviators, it’s perfect for brunching and thrifting with your girlfriends on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

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15. Autumn

A blouse, dark skirt, black tights, denim jacket, and brown boots is a perfect look for fall. Whether it’s apple picking or going to class, it’s great for the colder fall days.

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Did you like these plaid skirt outfits? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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