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20 Places You’ve Definitely Been If You’re From East Bay Area

20 Places You’ve Definitely Been If You’re From East Bay Area

The Bay Area. Whether you’re visiting or are lucky enough to call it home, you can always find adventure around every corner. But only true natives know the top spots to visit. These are 20 places you’ve been to if you’re from the East Bay.

1. Mt. Diablo State Park

Located in the Contra Costa County, this is a must and most East Bay residents are very familiar with this popular hiking spot. If you’re from the East Bay, chances are you’ve been here at least once.

2. Lawrence Hall of Science

A popular elementary school field trip destination. Whether you loved it or barely remembered it, admit it, you’ve been here before if you’re from the East Bay.


3. Waterworld

This is a summer must, especially on those unbearable hot days. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or just have fun, you’ve been here before. How lucky are we to have a water park so close to home!

4. Oracle Arena

Whether you are supporting our beloved Warriors, or going to your favorite artist’s concert, this is a popular destination in the Bay Area that you’ve most likely been to.

5. Golden Gate

You’re not from the Bay Area if you haven’t been here. This is a popular landmark in the country and we are lucky to be in such close proximity. Whether you’ve driven over it or walked, you’ve visited this beautiful monument.



6. Pier 39

Another popular destination in San Francisco is Pier 39. Including some of SF’s key highlights, this a common place to shop and explore the city all next to the Bay!

7. Fairyland

Located in Oakland, this is one place that all little kids love coming to – I know I used to love it! The perfect place to put yourself into a fairy tale, odds are, you spent a few days of your childhood here.


8. John Muir National Historic Site

This is one of those places that your elementary school would come visit for a field trip. A beautiful place to just relax and look around John Muir’s home.

9. Pixie Playland

This was my favorite place to go when I was younger. That dragon ride made feel on top of the world. You’re not from the East Bay if you’ve never been here.

10. AT & T Park

The Home of the SF Giants. Odds are you’ve been to at least one Giant’s game and if you haven’t you’ve at least visited the stadium during a visit to San Francisco.


11. Westfield Mall

One of the biggest shopping malls in the East Bay, this a popular attraction to visitors and even if you don’t normally shop here, you’ve probably been inside and looked around the pricey stores.

12. Downtown Berkeley

Downtown Berkeley is an adorable and picture perfect destination. Filled with colorful art and cute shops, you’ve most likely spent one or two days here exploring the town.

13. The “Full House” House

It’s hard to find someone who didn’t watch Full House during their childhood. But only Bay Area residents get to go to the actual house used in the show whenever they want. This is a must and odds are you have taken a picture outside of this house before.


14. A BART Station

Let’s face it. you’re not from the Bay Area if you haven’t been to a BART Station, especially if you’re from the East Bay trying to get to the city. Whether you need it for work or just don’t want to drive, you cannot call yourself a Bay Area resident if you haven’t taken BART.

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15. West Wind Solano Drive-In

There aren’t many drive-ins in the East Bay so the West Wind is the perfect place for a new movie going experience.



16. Alcatraz

One of the first landmarks you see when coming over the Bay Bridge, this is a popular sightseeing destination you’ve most likely been to.

17. Downtown Walnut Creek

This is a classic shopping destination and the perfect place to hang out with your friends. With tons of stores, boutiques, restaurants and even a movie theater, most East Bay residents have been here.


18. City Hall, SF

You might not have been inside this famous building, but you’ve probably stopped by or walked past this place.

19. Six Flags

Six Flags, located in Vallejo, CA is one of the East Bay’s closest and entertaining amusement parks. Going to Fright Fest is a must in October and you’ve probably gone.

20. Bay Bridge

It’s pretty much inevitable to live in the Bay Area and not have gone over the beautiful Bay Bridge, it’s the straight forward way of getting into the city. It may not be as well-known as the Golden Gate but it is to Bay Area Residents.


So here’s 20 amazing places that Bay Area Residents have been to!

What other places have you definitely been to if you’re from the East Bay area? Share in the comments below!
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