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The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over

The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over

There’s one question constantly ringing in your mind, “When is it over?” And you are not alone. Being forced into quarantine is the worst and slowly driving everyone insane. Not only are we stuck inside until further notice, but we are also stuck inside either alone or with people we don’t want to see and speak to every day. We’re watching the news hoping good news will surface, staring out the window, binge-watching shows, etc. Before the virus, we would’ve been happy to sit around and do nothing but now that it has become a part of our everyday lives, we miss the things we used to do like going out. Don’t worry, once things get back to normal you will be able to have as much fun as you want. In fact, you’ll be able to visit those places you miss. 

1. The Beach

The sand, the ocean, the feeling of the sand being pulled underneath our feet, seagulls flying, and the salty smell. These are all the things we miss about the beach and you have every right to miss it. This quarantine has taken a lot from us and we’ve waited patiently for the moment where we can step out of our houses without any worries. And when that time arrives, people are most likely going to head towards the beach and so should you. Grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and beach bag and have the time of your life you deserve it after being in quarantine for a long time. 

The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over

2. The Movies

The coronavirus is the reason we haven’t seen any advertisements for any upcoming movies because we’ve been in quarantine and no one is allowed to step foot into the movie theaters. But watching a movie on your tv screen while eating microwave popcorn is not the same as seeing a movie in the theaters with the surround sound and buttery popcorn. Once this quarantine is over, you will be able to sit in those recliner theater chairs and enjoy a movie.  

3. The Mall

It sucks that this virus has taken our Spring and we are hoping that our Summer won’t be sacrificed. Summertime is the perfect time to update our wardrobe by going to the mall. However, since stores are shut down, we can’t. As soon as quarantine is over we will be able to shop at our favorite stores at the mall and take the rest we all take when shopping at our favorite food court restaurant. I’m also hoping that after this big financial hit that a lot of people had stores will have some sort of sale as a way to celebrate the end of terror. 

4. Theme Parks

We love Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios and the summertime is usually when those parks are packed because schools are out. Unfortunately, they are closed down and we are sad that this quarantine is keeping us from seeing Mickey Mouse. But when this all ends, everyone will most definitely take a trip to one of these theme parks because, after everything that’s been occurring, we need a little smile and laughter, and theme parks are the perfect solutions. 

The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over


5. The Bar

From being forced to work and do school from home to dealing with your crazy family, there are no if, and, or buts that you need a strong and stiff drink. But bars are places where people can easily attract the virus, which is why we had to say goodbye to them. And I know a lot of single people weren’t happy about that because the bar is like Tinder to some of them. It’s where they usually hit on the cutest person they see by buying them a drink in hopes of getting some action. Now, the only action they are currently getting is with their right hand in their pants. But once quarantine is over, we will be able to ask the bartender to make our favorite drink instead of trying to recreate it at home, and singles will be able to mingle. 

6. The Hair Salon & Barbershop 

We can’t lie, we probably look a hot mess right now because it’s been a while since we have touched our hair. And I don’t blame you, there’s no point in trying to look cute during quarantine when no one else is around to see it (your sibling doesn’t count). But no worries, once we are out of quarantine we will be able to call our barbers and hairdressers to schedule an appointment so we can look our best even if we are just going out to get the mail. And if you live with someone who is a magician with hair, we are all jealous. 

The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over

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7. The Airport

I miss hopping on the airplane and flying off to a different country or state. And while some states may be open, quarantine is not over yet. But when we can walk out of our houses, a lot of flights will be booked because everyone will be in the mindset of “I need to get out of here.” This quarantine has us going insane and we just want a nice vacation, which is what we will get when we are free. I bet you miss going through security, struggling to find your gate, and boarding an airplane. Give it time and you will see that day. 

8. Restaurants

Some people are tired of burning their kitchen down trying to cook or spending all of their money on Ubereats drivers. Thankfully, once we are out of quarantine we will be able to visit those nice steakhouses and pizzerias.

The Top 10 Places You’ll Be Visiting When Quarantine Is Over

9. The Gym

I particularly love working out at home, but a lot of people prefer working out at the gym. And if that’s you, just know that when quarantine is over you can get the full work out you usually get at the gym and you will be able to stop trying to create a sauna with your shower and use the one at the gym. 

10. Dave N Busters 

Dave N Busters was not only a place for kids, but it’s the place where dads take their kids to “spend time with them” while the big game is on. It’s the place moms take the kids so they can finally stop causing a wreck at home. But the virus is forcing a lot of families to stay under the same roof for a long time and some parents are going insane. Don’t worry parents! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

All I can say is hold on to the sanity you have left. I know it’s hard but we can get through this. To all of those who’ve been cooperating with the rules and regulations, thank you for caring for other lives besides your own and sacrificing your fun to allow the virus to slow. I want to know some things you miss in the comment section. 

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