10 Places You Must Visit If You Go To Martha’s Vineyard

It’s summertime and this is peak season for traveling to the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Located off the coast of Cape Cod, the Vineyard is an island filled with lush wilderness, breathtaking beaches, adorable shops, and fun happenings! If you find yourself in Massachusetts for the summer, you have to visit. Here are 10 spots that you must visit on your trip!

1. Flying Horses

A trip to Martha’s Vineyard is incomplete without a ride on the Flying Horses. The ride works by riders grabbing at rings each spin until a few lucky individuals receive the brass rings. Those riders will then get a free ride for their lucky grab. This carousel is the oldest in the country, which makes your visit not only fun but also incredibly historical. It’s truly an activity fun for all ages, so take your chances and go for a spin!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

2. Oak Bluffs Harbor

Located right next to Circuit Ave in Oak Bluffs Harbor. The harbor has incredible views and you’ll be sure to see some pretty spectacular boats docked. Right along the harbor is the famous Nancy’s, where former first daughter Malia Obama worked as a server one summer. The area is a perfect spot for ice cream and sunset if you don’t feel like walking too far!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

3. Jaws Bridge

Contrary to what its name suggests, there is no great white shark guarding the waters under this bridge. However, over the years since it’s a feature in the movie Jaws, this bridge has become a popular tourist spot and a rite of passage for any visitor to the island. It is also right along State Beach, which has crystal waters and soft sand. So go ahead, close your eyes and jump into the deep!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

4. South Beach

If you’re in search of a little more serenity, South Beach offers killer waves and some of the coolest wildlife on the island. The beach has plenty of places to leave your bike and you can even go off-roading if you like. So if you’re brave enough to take a dip in these waters and are looking for a little adventure on your trip to the beach, South Beach is the spot to go!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

5. Oak Bluffs Campgrounds

Located right behind Circuit Ave, the Campgrounds are full of bright and charming gingerbread-like homes. In its center is the Tabernacle which often features live music. In late August, the Campgrounds take part in the tradition of Grand Illumination, where each of the homes is adorned in colorful lanterns. It’s a truly charming place!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

6. Menemsha Sunset

While the sun setting on the island is beautiful anywhere you’re standing, the most spectacular views lie up the island in Menemsha. You can grab some take out at the Home Port, set up with some chairs and drinks on Menemsha Beach and wait to watch that crisp blue sky turn into a decadent blood orange. It’s absolutely dreamy and wonderful, and you should definitely experience the best sunset of your life while on Martha’s Vineyard!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

7. Island Alpaca

Yes, it’s true! A place where you can look at alpacas all day exists on Martha’s Vineyard. Located in West Tisbury, Island Alpaca is an alpaca farm that is committed to the responsible breeding of alpacas for the distribution of alpaca fleece products. While you’re there not only do you get the chance to see these cute mammals up close and personal, but you can also buy some of these alpaca fleece items. You can even adopt an alpaca if you feel so inclined!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

8. Chappaquiddick

You already are on an island, but another island exists that is incredibly close; Chappaquiddick. This beautiful little spot is only minutes away by ferry ride. Once there you feel like you’re in your own little oasis full of specular views and lush greenery. It was once a favorite spot of the Kennedy’s, before the tragic car accident at Dike Bridge involving former Senator Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne in July of 1969, which resulted in Kopechne’s death. So while tragic in nature, this site is also filled with a rich history as well.

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

9. Cliffs of Aquinnah

Previously known as the Gay Head Cliffs, this breathtaking spot is usually the image that comes to mind when people think of the island. The natural formation is incredibly unique and somehow has remained in pristine condition all these years. You will definitely need a car to get to the town of Aquinnah, as it is typically over a half-hour drive away from Oak Bluffs. So go ahead and take a drive to look at these beautiful cliffs!

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

10.Main Street Edgartown

If you’re looking for a little higher-end shopping and a more preppy vibe while on Martha’s Vineyard, Main Street Edgartown is the place to be. It’s beautiful brick streets are lined with some of the hottest shops and most trendy restaurants. My favorite part of this whole area is the wharf that overlooks the harbor. It’s the perfect place to sit and eat ice cream, as well as providing the perfect backdrop for some pretty cool pictures.

10 Places You Must Visit If You Go to Martha’s Vineyard

The Vineyard is one of my favorite places to visit. There are so many beautiful and charming spots all over the island to discover. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exploration of MV. So hop the ferry and see for yourself!

What are your favorite spots to visit while on Martha’s Vineyard? Let us know in the comments section!

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