8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

If you're looking for free wine in NYC then we have a list of great places for you! You can be sure to get your alcohol fix at these places for no price!

If you like drinking wine in NYC and getting that hipster, cool kid, or upscale lifestyle feeling, you’ll enjoy reading this. We’ve got all the best places for you to drink free wine in NYC! Keep in mind that as a younger generation, we have to be low key with our hacks, because if people realize what we’re doing, all the good disappears. If you’re trying to drink on a budget, know that there are actually still some places left in the city that have free wine tastings.

Some on a regular basis and some only on occasion. I say we conspire on this and set up different times to go so they don’t turn into those places that charge 100 bucks! No I’m just kidding. There’s a reason for that. But if you can’t do that, try these 8 places you can drink free wine in NYC. They know their people and know that choosing wine isn’t effortless. But they also know when people are just coming to drink for free and not buy so try and support if you can!


Pour is a perfect spot on the Southwest corner of West Seventy-Fifth Street and Amsterdam Avenue. They opened up in 2006 with ideas of simplicity in mind. You can tell the particular niche crowd they’re reaching out to is people who enjoy the concept of wine but want it made easy. If you want to gain an international understanding of wine, on a professional level, but still be down to earth whilst doing it, then this is your place. Pour is dedicated to giving their customers the full wine experience but without all the stuffiness. Their ideals of customer service and satisfaction will make you want to give them your money. But for now, as is our purpose, you can drink free wine at one of their tastings. They’re held everyday and you can view the times and schedule here! Make sure to go back later and buy. Really. They’re good peoples.

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

Union Square Wines & Spirits

This industry is also very customer centered. It shows in their setup and accessibility. USQ has the new tech, ENO-machines. If you’ve never heard of these, they’re dispensers throughout the store that allow customers to taste while they shop. This is like the most helpful. Time and time again I’ve bought a wine that I wasn’t sure of and winging it doesn’t work. Especially when you want something in particular. Union Square Wines & Spirits have been in the city since the 90’s and they know their people. You can drink free wine here during some of their tastings or while you’re shopping around. Check here for what’s available.

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

Ninth Avenue Vinter

Vinter is a lovely vintage style wines & spirits shop on Ninth Avenue between Fourty-Sixth and Fourty-Seventh Streets. They host wine tastings here on some Thursdays and Fridays. So you can get an idea of the wines they have available in store. They’re also highlighted for you in their top 12 favorites on their website. Don’t just drink free wine here, take their advice on pairings because they can help you, whether you’re looking for a simple, classic, or inexpensive wine or something exotic and tropical. This is one of the best spots to get free wine in NYC!

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

Acker Merrall & Condit

An established winery and organization, Acker Merrall & Condit is rather exclusive. If you’re into an upscale vibe you should journey here. They offer free tastings on a daily basis. You can drink free wine that is appropriated by their own personal extra professional staff. You won’t only be tasting fine wines you’ll be learning. Pay these folks a visit to add a great experience to your list!

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

Big Nose Full Body

This is a nice modernized clean corner wine spot over in Brooklyn, in the Park Slope area. They’re fairly new, opened in 2015, and have your basic wine needs at decent prices. They hold taste testings here too so you can drink free. Just remember that they’ll know if you’re there to freeload so please polite about it. Buy a bottle when you’re through. The tastings are on Saturdays. View their website for more information here. You can be sure this is one of the best spots to get free wine in NYC!

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

See Also

Lowery’s Wines & Liquors

Lowery’s is in Queens, NY. Locals here can come by on any of their special tasting events and drink free wine whilst supporting the shop. It’s a really classy establishment more than 80 years old. Lowery’s brags about having the largest collection of fine and diverse wines; Reds, Whites, Sparklings, Rosés, and Ports. I’m a Red and Rosé kind of gal, and like either bitter or sweet. This is one of the best places to get free wine in NYC!

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC


BottleRocket is a fancy and delightful Wines & Spirits spot in the City where you can drink free wine. They host tons of events here and you can see what’s up and coming on the schedule on their website. Be sure to check this out first because tastings aren’t daily here, they’re only during the events being held. Their website is also extremely detailed if you want details about wines. See what wines pair well with what foods and on what particular occasions. They also have a newest flavors section here.

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

Brooklyn Exchange

This one comes with a good twist. Aside from being able to drink free wine during tastes, you can also become a member and come in for their free wine classes on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s (tastings galore). Visit their site to learn more about it. In the meantime they have weekly tastings that follow this schedule. Their selection is varied and they even have an under 15 dollars section if you’re looking to buy more for less.

8 Places You Can Drink Free Wine In NYC

You really have to dig to find the gems in NYC. These are the few places in NYC where you can drink free wine. Just remember to show support and buy a bottle or two or we’ll all be caught! Do you know of any places where you can drink free wine in NYC? Tell us in the comments!
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