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10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

There are many great places to workout outside the gym. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, options from the great outdoors to a yoga mat on a studio and other four-walled places are going to be listed below to get the heart beaten and body moving. Read and plan your next workout!

1. Park 

Unaffected by either temperature or time, a park is a go-to spot for workouts. With more mellow options like walking and jogging to more high-intensity alternatives like running and parkour, there’s a choice fitted to all likings. Most local parks offer free aerobics classes, so make sure to ask for their schedule. Essentially, a park is an outdoor gym where you can bench press and dip on real benches. If you spot a jungle gym, swing over there and add some pull-ups to the list. The scenery will uplift any mood and give you a break from the grind of routine. Afterward, chat and chill by the shade. 

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

2. Beach 

As if you need an excuse for a beach day! But, just in case there are a few: a calming yoga session at sunrise, a round of beach volleyball, paddle tennis, surfing, running, walking, a full-blown boot camp, a swim, and even some fishing. With fun activities to follow the beach is the option for those seeking a more intense workout. With the sun ablaze during warmer seasons, you’ll be sweating and tanning; and during colder seasons condition your muscles with the icy breeze of the waves. For an exercise with a cause, bring a plastic bag and pick up any rubbish you see; it’s great for the core and the environment.

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

3. Lake

If salty isn’t your style or you don’t have any beaches nearby, lakes are the place to go. Open to the same aquatic exercises, they’re great for swimming, paddle-boarding, kayaking, kneeboarding, water skiing, you name it! A better choice if you’re looking for a calmer setting. Here, you’ll find inspiration and freshness while you break a sweat rowing the canoe or stroking your arms through the still sweet waters. If looking for a winter sport, grab the ice skates for some figure skating or a puck and goalie for some ice hockey. 

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

4. Mountain 

Mountains are rough terrains, and therefore one of the best places to exercise if you want to focus on strength and conditioning training. Put on your sneakers and get active with a bumpy ride on a mountain bike, an intense mind and body challenge with some rock climbing, and a paced hike to spike some adrenaline into the blood system. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be burning up some calories and rocking out some killer skills while at it. 

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

5. Sports Field/Court

Sports are one of the best excuses for a workout that you can enjoy virtually anywhere. Nothing like a one on one at the basketball court or some free shooting to work the arms, while getting some cardio going. Test your speed and resistance by running the yards at the football field. Test agility at the soccer field and release power by the swing at the tennis court. Other options: Table tennis, baseball, dodge ball, and anything you can think of. With plenty of community and sporting centers, you can get a great free workout, while practicing the meaning of community.

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

6. Trampoline Park 

Jumping? Yes, jumping! Let your inner child free with this complete body workout that won’t feel like it, at least, until the next day. With dozens of individual trampolines and foam pits to jump to and fro from you’ll get to those high fat-burning zones in no time. For some serious leg toning, try your best flips by the pit. A popular hangout spot and affordable commercial option for everyone. No equipment needed, just your body and some socks. 

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

7. Dance Studio 

Who says breaking a sweat can’t look good! Dance is one of the most fun and exciting workouts out there. A complete body exercise that shakes off the monotony. With options like urban, ballroom, contemporary, and the likes, the body will move and shape itself to the right rhythm of life. Not just one of the best places to workout, but one of the most beautiful form of expression to learn. Not just a great workout, but a handy skill to show off next time at the club. 

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10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

8. The Mall

Shop ’til you drop! literally. Not all things are as they seem. Malls are big, concrete, airconditioned parks. For example, an easy workout plan as follows: fast walk the mall once or twice, always use the stairs when going up and down, after you shop, hold the bags as dumbbells, when at lines do heel raises and, if you still want something more, head down to the arcade for some air hockey action. As a treat, work some tricep by shifting the clothing rack. Next time you’re going to the mall, put on some leggings, get some quarters, and get active.  

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

9. Bowling Alley 

If tossing 5-15 lbs balls with force while semi squatting isn’t an exercise, then I don’t know what is. With research stating that the typical bowler can burn from 150 to 300 calories per hour, there’s now another reason to go for a game or two. Bowling is good for developing hand-eye coordination, as well as, strengthening arm muscles. Plus, while you can go solo, friends are more likely to join in on this workout. 

Ten Places To Workout Outside The Gym

10. Home 

No need to do your hair or get out of those sweats when you’re working out at home. While imagination can be a good trainer, with just a TV, tablet or phone, and an internet connection you can stream countless classes and workouts online. If not, buy or rent some videos from the local movie store and get physical 80s style. Grab a yoga mat or a towel and hit some yoga poses. Another fun option is video games such as Wii Fit and Just Dance. Afterward, cool down with a sweeping and moping dance party.

10 Places To Workout Outside The Gym

Where do you like to workout? Let us know in the comment section!

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