10 Places To Workout At OSU Besides The Gym

Are you too intimidated to go to the gym? Maybe you’re just sick of the same RPAC routine. Check out these 10 other places to workout around OSU besides the gym that gives your whole body a challenge!

1. The Adventure Recreation Center

Getting sick of running on treadmills and lifting weights at the RPAC? Head over to the ARC! It houses basketball courts, indoor turf fields, regular gym equipment, and the Outdoor Adventure Center. The OAC is home to a rock climbing wall and tons of different rentable equipment.

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

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2. The Olentangy River Trail

The Olentangy Trail runs right along the Olentangy River from Worthington to downtown Columbus. Luckily, it runs right along West Campus! This trail is perfect for running, biking, or a nice morning stroll to class!

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

3. Fred Beekman Park

This park is the perfect getaway from campus life! It has 43 acres of volleyball and basketball courts, softball diamonds, a jogging trail, ponds, and plenty of green space to chill out in.

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

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4. Browning Amphitheater

Located in the heart of campus, Browning Amphitheater is the perfect place to workout! Home to many flights of steep steps, this is the best place to get your glutes working. Work your booty and then maybe take a quick dip in Mirror Lake! 😉

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

5. Your dorm room

Is it too cold to leave your dorm? Well, you’re in luck! Pull up a quick YouTube tutorial and get to work. Your dorm room is the easy location to work out – you can even find programs to do in bed! The possibilities are endless!

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

6. Ohio Stadium

Home of the Buckeyes, Ohio Stadium is also an awesome place to work out! This is definitely the trickiest place on campus to sneak into, but if you can make your way in, it will be an amazing experience. 104,944 seats provide thousands of rows to run up and down; your calves will be burning for days, but you won’t regret it.

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

7. The Oval

Although under construction now, the Oval is a great place to exercise. The open green spaces provide a free place for students to do anything from yoga, to playing frisbee, to racing your friends around the paths. Hopefully we get our Oval back in time for warm weather!

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8. Thompson Library

There are 11 floors of possibilities. 11 flights of stairs to use for leg day or 11 floors of books to work your mind. Whether it’s working out your mind or your body, Thompson is a great place to work out on the OSU campus.

10 Places To Workout at OSU Besides The Gym

9. Frat parties

Although not traditional, frat parties truly test your body. Whether it’s the long walk down frat row, your booty-popping’ dance moves, or the number of times you have to plunge your hand into a creepy guy’s face, frat parties offer tons of work out options.

10. Traditions dining halls

Dining halls are typically the main contributor to the Freshman 15, but no one ever talks about the work you do in them! Scott provides stairs to climb and long lines to stand in, sitting down and getting back up many times at KComm will give your hamstrings a workout, and the walk to Morrill is treacherous enough in itself.

Where do you like to work out at OSU? Let us know below!

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