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10 Places To Watch Fourth Of July Fireworks In 2019

10 Places To Watch Fourth Of July Fireworks In 2019

10 Places To Watch Fourth Of July Fireworks In 2019

With the summer approaching comes one the of the most visually appealing holidays we have! The Fourth of July! If you’re anything like me, you usually don’t always want to go out and be around a whole bunch of people that are drunk and loud. If you’re more like some of my friends, you more than likely want to be right in the middle of it and be where everyone else is! No matter what type you are, this article list 10 locations for to enjoy Fourth of July Fireworks in 2019!

The Lake

This firework location is one of my favorites!! Watching fire-works at the lake is so summery. . . if that makes any sense. Going out there with family and friends, barbecuing, swimming, jamming to music and drink a beer or two is the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July! This location is easy because it doesn’t require you to get dressed up or anything, you can go out there with some shorts and a t-shirt and watch the fireworks light up in the sky over the water and it’s usually free of charge!


Deep in The Country

I’m a country girl, so I know this location by heart. Go find a location that is far from the city, where not a lot of people are. If you don’t know, the deeper in the country you are, the darker the skies will be. It may sound kind of creepy, but with there being no street lights or any cars passing, this makes the perfect location to pop your fireworks because they light up so beautifully! Also, if you have a big family or a lot of kids, they can kind of run and around and play too without you being too worried.

The Baseball Field

This place to is a great area to watch Fourth of July fireworks and really sets the “All American” mood. The baseball field!! Going to the field to watch fireworks is awesome because of the environment it sets. People come out with their ice chest and some snacks, maybe even bring a speaker for a little bit of music. Some people sit in their lawn chairs, while others bring their blankets to have a little picnic vibe. This location is great if you have a date on the 4thand want to do something a little different and casual.


HEB Symphony

Now this is for my Texas folk! Our good ole HEB puts on a firework show every year and for this year’s Fourth of July Fireworks they will be holding it on Vic Auditorium Shores so people can watch fireworks explode over the Lady Bird Lake. This event will also have an orchestra performing so you can have a very classical, movie-like feel while watching them. The orchestra will begin at 8:30 and the fireworks will start an hour later.

Rowing Docks

This location requires a little more work than the others, but it’s worth it! Going out to a rowing dock near you and getting in a canoe or kayak is a way to celebrate Fourth of July fireworks that most people don’t think of. This location is so dope because not only will you watch the fireworks over the beautiful waters, but you’ll be in them! Reach out to the rowing docks in your area and see what rules and charges they have so you can plan ahead!


Festivals are another way to enjoy the fireworks, but they also offer many other things. They usually have vendors that come out and sell fireworks, clothing, drinks, etc. A majority of them are kid friendly, so they have face-paint and small little games that they can get involved in as well if you want to make a whole day out of it!


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This here is an old-school way of celebrating that I’m sure you didn’t forget because the town won’t let you, lol! There are several parades that go out throughout the states that are in honor of the Fourth of July, and they are fantastic! This is great way to have fun while be involved with your community as well. People dress up as Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty, or any costume that they believe represents America. They give out candy to the kids, play music, and most of the time they have raffles, so you could win a little some-some while you’re there too!


South Padre

Since 4thof July is clearly during the summer time, why not add a little vacation in there as well? South Padre Island is one of the hottest spots to party and it follows through with also having a huge Fourth of July Fireworks event called, Fireworks Over the Bay. It is located at Louie’s Backyard and is the biggest celebration of its’ kind on the entire island! It happens every fourth of July and starts at 9:15pm every year!

On A Boat

Another way to enjoy Fourth of July Fireworks and water at the same time, is to get on a boat! I know you’re thinking, “not everyone has a boat Jordan,” but I know, neither do I. However, almost every big lake or river or whatever type of body of water you’re near will have a place that you can rent boats out! Depending on how many people you have, determines the price for each, so the more the merrier! Another than seeing them light up over the water, you can swim and drink, and even listen to music without disturbing anyone or having to worry about kids being around (unless you brought them, of course).

In Your Own Backyard

Now guys, I’m from the country where you aren’t allowed to pop fireworks within city limits, but there are many areas that allow it, they just have some rules that go with it. This location is perfect if you want to watch fireworks but don’t feel like being involved in the big crowds or having to put on clothes. Also, if you don’t feel like eating hamburgers and BBQ like everyone else will doing at the lake, baseball fields, etc. You can cook whatever you desire, put on your own music and just relax. If you want, call some friends over or you can enjoy them all by yourself and get a little “me-time” in.


Regardless of your style and what you have the patience for, one of these locations will fit you perfectly. Some of them do require you to plan ahead though, if you want a good spot or better price, etc. So, just make sure you look into it now so you can be ready when the time comes.

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