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Places To Visit In Dallas That Broke College Kids Can Afford

Places To Visit In Dallas That Broke College Kids Can Afford

Dallas is a big city with so many things to do. The only problem is a lot of those things are expensive, especially if you are on a budget. Here are some places to visit in Dallas that broke college kids can afford.

JFK Memorial and Dealey Plaza

It is no secret that the city of Dallas serves an important role in the historic life of John F. Kennedy. The JFK Memorial is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. It is designed like an open tomb that symbolizes the free spirit of John F. Kennedy. The giant memorial is a square roofless room with walls that give the illusion that they are floating. This great piece of art and history is free to visit with the Dealey Plaza and 6th-floor museum only a block away.

The Dealey Plaza is a historic landmark in the Dallas metroplex. It was constructed back in the 1840s and has been called the front door of Dallas. It is best known as the site where the assassination of JFK took place. There is a marker on the street showing the exact spot where JFK was shot.  For less than 20 dollars you can go to the Sixth Floor Museum which is full of exhibits about the JFK assassination. You can even look out the same window Lee Harvey Oswald shot from! Any history buff will definitely want to check out the JFK Memorial and Dealey Plaza.


Pioneer Plaza

Pioneer Plaza is a public park in the Convention Center District of downtown Dallas. The park is most known for the large sculpture that represents the cattle drives that took place along the Shawnee Trail back in the nineteenth century. The statue is constructed of 49 life-sized bronze steers and 3 train riders. It is actually one of the largest arrangements of bronze statues in the United States.

Pioneer Plaza is also the largest public space in the central business district in Dallas. Besides the statues, Pioneer Plaza also has man-made cliffs, a waterfall, and many types of plant life native to Texas. The park is located right between the Dallas Convention Center and the historical Pioneer Cemetery so there is plenty to visit after going to Pioneer Plaza. The park is also the second most visited attraction in the Downtown area, right behind the Dealey Plaza. Many Dallas locals say that you are not truly from Dallas if you have never visited Pioneer Plaza.


Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is a must-visit for tourists and new Dallas residents. It is full of great exhibits, live performances, public art, and many more things that will keep you entertained for hours. The Meyerson Symphony Center, Winspear Opera House, and the Dallas Museum of Art are all located in the Dallas Arts District. It is one of those places you plan on visiting only for an hour or two but end up spending all day because you keep discovering fascinating things to do.


Another interesting fact about the Dallas Arts District is that it’s the largest urban arts district in the nation. Since the arts district is so large, they have a walking tour the first and third Saturdays of every month that goes through the architecture and artwork that the district is known for. The tour is cheap and is a great way to learn about the culture of the great city of Dallas. The Dallas Arts District is great no matter what you are into. There is something for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Dallas Farmers Market

This legendary farmers market is has been a Dallas staple since the early 19th century. It was originally a horse-and-wagon wholesale business but has since grown and turned into a hub for fresh produce and dairy products. It hosts many events such as live music and cooking demos for people to enjoy and learn something new at the same time. It is also the home of many great bars, restaurants, stores and more!


The Dallas Farmers Market is overshadowed by the downtown Dallas skyscraper and big business buildings but somehow keeps the vibe of an old-timey trade center you would see in old western movies. You do not have to buy anything to enjoy the market. Half the experience is walking down and seeing all the great produce available. Many people just go for a relaxing stroll through the market in order to get away from the busy city life Dallas is known for. The Dallas Farmers Market is a must-visit if you are in the Downtown area.

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White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is a beautiful man-made lake in Northeast Dallas. Made in 1911, White Rock Lake is the main water supply for the Dallas area and is visited by more than 1 million people every year. There are many things to do such as visiting the White Rock Dog Park,  Winfrey Point, and the Big Thicket National Preserve.

There is also a beautiful 9.3-mile path around White Rock Lake that is perfect for running or biking. The scenic views and amazing nature trails are great for people who want to get out of the city and just enjoy nature. People can also rent out kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards if they feel like getting out on the water. Motorboats are not allowed on the lake so it is an ideal place for rowing and sailing enthusiasts. If you want to get out of the city and just wind down, White Rock Lake is for you.



Mckinney Avenue Trolley (M-Line Trolley)

The M-Line Trolley is a free vintage trolley line that runs through Uptown and Downtown Dallas. The trolley stops at many great Dallas destinations such as the West Village and the Dallas Arts District. The trolleys look like the old-timey trolley cars you would see in the early 1900s but have been restored with air condition and heating.


These trolleys are great for people who want to explore Dallas but don’t know where to start. Since the M-Line Trolleys stops at many of the historic and iconic locations in Dallas, you can visit most of the destinations on this list just by riding these free trolleys. You can even book a private trolley for parties and events as well! Do yourself a favor and take an afternoon to ride these wonderful trolleys.

Visiting these great Dallas destinations is a cheap way to learn about Dallas history and just enjoy yourself. If you have a date and are low on cash, you might want to keep these places in mind. There are many more fun things to do in Dallas that won’t cost an arm and a leg so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

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