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10 Places To Visit In Cape Town During The Summer

Cape Town, also known as the Mother City by locals, is the southernmost city in Africa and one of the world’s most iconic travelling destinations.

From huge vineyards, white sand beaches, and one of the seven wonders of the world to museums, famous coffee shops and excellent shopping and nightlife, there’s nothing you can’t find in this city. Here’s a list of 10 coolest places to visit during the summer.

1. Table Mountain

Hop on a cable car and head up to the top of Cape Town’s crown and jewel, Table Mountain! The view is beautiful and you can get snacks and wine at the top, just in case the trip made you thirsty. You can also hike the mountain if you’re brave enough (and if you’re thighs can take it).

2. District 6 Museum

Located in the heart of what used to be district nine, Cape Town’s minority district back during apartheid, this museum takes a look at the lives of the people who used to live in the district and their culture, guided by old district nine occupants. This is an amazing place to get to know Cape Town (and South Africa’s) history.

3. Beefcakes

On a little less serious note, this restaurant is on the way to the waterfront and is South Africa’s only burger and cabaret drag bar. One of it’s best qualities: your servers are shirtless men of the pretty hot variety (plus the burgers are pretty great). Make sure to check this place out.

4. Long Street

Long Street is one of the busiest places in Cape Town for a huge reason: most of the city’s best restaurants and bars line it’s sidewalks. With everything from coffee shops, beer hauses, irish pubs, traditional african food and some good old fashion night clubs, this street is where the party is at. Literally.

5. Neighbourgoods Market

Open every Saturday in the Old Biscuit Mill, the Neighbourgoods Market is one of the coolest outdoor markets in Cape Town. With food from every cuisine you can think of and merch from local artists and shops, this market is definitely worth a trip over on a sunny Saturday (but the market is still open rain or shine).

6. V&A Waterfront

Every tourist’s go-to shopping destination, V&A Waterfront is Cape Town’s largest shopping mall and so much more. Along with two movie theatres (make sure to hit up the smaller of the two, Cinema Nouveau, for your indie film needs), an aquarium, a ferris wheel, a rugby museum, a comedy club, and a whole lot of restaruants, V&A Waterfront is worth shifting through people for.

7. Kirstenbosch Gardens

Sat on the base of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Gardens is Cape Town’s largest botanical gardens. With a list of plants longer than, well, any list you can think of, Kirstenbosch also has an amazing amount of wildlife and beautiful (but easily hikable) paths to see all the local wildlife. Tip: check the gardens out on a sunny weekday, where it’s less likely to be busy for a great, relaxing nature walk (with several restaurants to eat in after).

8. Boulders Beach

Sure, Cape Town is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and great shopping, but we all know what it’s really famous for: it’s penguins! Boulders Beach is home to around 3,000 jackass penguins and amazing views for some great instagram photos.

See Also

9. Groot Constantia

Being Cape Town’s oldest winery, you can see why we’d recommend going to this place. With great South African wine and a big vineyard museum, Groot Constantia is a place you shouldn’t pass out on. Especially because you can partner your wine tasting with some gourmet chocolates.

10. Robben Island Museum

Nothing says South Africa like Nelson Mandela, and Robben Island Museum is one of the best places to learn about him. Located on Robben Island, which used to be a civil prison, this museum gives you a tour of what Mandela and other prisoner’s lives were like during their time there, with guided tours by past prisoners themselves.

What place do you want to visit in Cape Town? Let us know in the comments!

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