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10 Places To Visit If You Are Traveling To Las Vegas

Las Vegas or “Sin City” as it is dubbed, offers entertainment and fun unlike any other city. If you’re looking for world-class performances, that chance to strike it rich at the hold ’em table, or even outdoor fun, Las Vegas has it. Located in a desert valley near the Nevada / Arizona border, Las Vegas has a prime position for outdoor recreation and nightlife alike.

1. Visit Fremont Street

Dubbed “Old Las Vegas”, Fremont Street is where the Las Vegas gambling scene originated in the early 1900s. The casinos here tell that story. Be sure to check out “The Golden Nugget” which contains an indoor waterslide through a shark tank. If you’re feeling adventurous on the old strip, book your tickets to zip-line down over Fremont Street. Staggering towers sit at the ends of the street and allow you to soar over the crowds and grab a frozen drink to cool off in the desert sun at the other end. Sitting above the street as well is a LED-screen lighting up the sky in the Las Vegas night.

2. See the Hoover Dam

While Las Vegas offers plenty of entertainment and excitement, the Hoover Dam just outside the city offers a spectacle of its own. Standing over seven hundred feet over the Colorado River, the Hoover helps power the city of Las Vegas and surrounding communities. It also sits on the Arizona / Nevada border! You can choose to drive or walk across the dam each offering spectacular views of the canyon sitting below.

3. Take a Dip in Lake Mead

Just next door to the Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas sits Lake Mead. This lake too sits on the Arizona / Nevada border and allows you to boat from state to state! Be sure to book a rental early in the day as the lake can become crowded with others seeking to catch the gorgeous backdrop of the desert mountains against the lake. Lake Mead also has several beaches spread across it’s shores if boating isn’t your style. There you can catch some desert rays and enjoy the outdoor beauty of Las Vegas.

4. Bellagio Fountains & Gardens

Much more central to the theme of Las Vegas, sits the Bellagio Casino on the main strip. While Las Vegas offers many casinos and opportunities to gamble your night away, the Bellagio takes the crown for the most beautiful. Most specifically, are the gardens and fountains. The Bellagio offers a music-themed water show in front of it’s hotel and casino every thirty minutes. After viewing the show, take the garden walkway into the indoor gardens where there is a museum-like gallery of flowers and sculptures. These gardens offer an oasis of beauty in the heart of the Las Vegas desert!

5. Catch the Taxi Rollercoaster at New York, NY

One of the specialities and staples of Las Vegas is the life-sized attractions the city offers. From the Pyramid and Sphinx at Luxor to the Stratosphere tower. However, the most iconic is the New York skyline at New York, NY Casino. The Empire State Building, Lady Liberty and a rollercoaster grace the Las Vegas Skyline. That rollercoaster, the New York Express is rightfully taxi-themed and offers a stunning array of views of Las Vegas and the surround mountain ranges. After the rollercoaster, be sure to grab a slice of New York style pizza and feel like you’re on the streets of Manhattan in Las Vegas.

6. Grab A Drink on the High Roller

The High Roller, a ferris wheel located at the LINQ Hotel, offers drinks and even a bar in some of the bubbles. You can book for groups of up to twenty friends to enjoy the Las Vegas version of Happy Hour, five hundred feet in the air! The views from the High Roller are iconic as well and best observed after dark, where the lights of Las Vegas illuminate the desert night sky.

7. Help Christen the Las Vegas Raiders

The NFL has made its way to the Las Vegas desert and fans could not be more excited. With an already bolstering sports market including the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) and Las Vegas Aces (WNBA), the addition of the Raiders from Oakland just adds more fun. The Raiders were welcomed to a brand new stadium located just south of the main strip. The prime location of the stadium means fans can tailgate, enjoy the game, and make it to the casino on foot! If football is not your speed, be sure to check out the other two professional teams Las Vegas has to offer.

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8. Soak Up Some Rays at A Pool Party

Its no secret that the Las Vegas heat gets intense. Weather in the desert consistently hits triple digits even in the winter months. All that desert heat means the need to cool off in Las Vegas style. The MGM Grand offers daily pool parties paired with a DJ to make sure you cool off in style. These pool parties also turn nightclub when the sun goes down and are a fun way to enjoy those rays. The Flamingo Resort located near Treasure Island also offers daily pool parties and frequently themed!

9. Enter Another World Through Meow Wolf

Las Vegas will be home to Meow Wolf’s second location starting early 2021. This art-based interactive museum offers viewers to enter another world and see mind-bending artwork. One of the staple exhibits for Las Vegas will be “Omega Mart” a concept based on American consumerism and capitalism. Meow Wolf also is the creative influence behind Las Vegas’ AREA15, an interactive shopping experience only available in the Las Vegas desert!

10. Be Amazed with A World Class Performance

Entertainment is is no short supply in Las Vegas. From Cirque du Soleil to Cher, there are as many as fifteen performances and shows happening in Vegas on a given night. These options range from the wildest of the imagination, Mystere at Treasure Island. To the most iconic, Mariah Carey’s residency at MGM Grand. There is literally something for everyone.

If you have the chance to visit Las Vegas, don’t miss out on that opportunity. While there is much more to do in Vegas rather than the places listed, feel free to comment other places to visit in Las Vegas!

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