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10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto

10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto

10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto

A thrift shop can literally save a Torontonian’s life. Living in any city is expensive but especially when you’re living in one of the largest cities in North America. Being able to buy cheap, affordable clothes that are still trendy is a huge plus about living in the city. Even better yet is that a thrift shop is easy to come by no matter where you are in the city. Here are 10 Places To Thrift Shop in Toronto.

1. Value Village

Value Village is a huge thrift shop chain that’s size is comparable to a department store. Originally, this store was meant for underprivileged people who were looking to buy not only clothes but furniture, toys, and an assortment of other objects. After the rise of the thrift shop scene their stores are now filled with hipster teens. The best part of Value Village? They’re scattered all across the city.

2. Black Market

Black Market is the perfect thrift shop for hipsters and people looking to strut the newest trends. It has unique clothing from across different decades allowing shoppers to truly build a unique style. The atmosphere can take some getting used to especially because of its more grunge basement vibe. Bonus! Black Market also has a whole used record section for those extra hip people.


10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto

3. Kind Exchange

Kind Exchange is the perfect thrift shop for someone who is looking to clean out their closet. Bring in your old wardrobe and trade it in for store credit and shop away the afternoon. The Kind Exchange also has multiple locations spread across Toronto, the biggest and most popular one lies on the infamous Queen street west alongside may more thrift shops.


4. Courage My Love

Courage My Love is a thrift shop located in the thrifting district Kensington Market. This store gives off a unique cultural vibe and is the perfect place to shop for Halloween and prom. The unique vibe of the store is also complimented by the handmade cashmere and beads that are imported from Mexico and scattered about all the exotic used clothing. When you stop by make sure you ask a worker how the store got its unique name!

10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto


5. Urban Catwalk

Urban Catwalk is also located in Kensington Market and offers more traditional north Americanized clothing. In the summertime, this store takes their racks onto the street to accommodate all the customers that walk through during July and August. Prices here are also extremely reasonable compared to other thrift stores can get a little pricey with more of their vintage pieces.

6. 69 Vintage

69 Vintage is a thrift shop also located on Queen street west and is the perfect addition to any Queen street shopping trip if you find yourself in Downtown Toronto. Unlike other thrift shops, this store offered a bright atmosphere and inviting environment, perfect for any thrift shopper.

10 Places To Thrift Shop In Toronto

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7. Platos Closet

Platos Closet is located on the east side of Toronto in the neighbouring Scarborough. This store carries more modern clothes, focusing on brand designer names and making current trends more affordable. They also are in the business of buying your used designer clothing for cash, not for store credit like most thrift shops.


Bungalow is a thrift shop that offers a more organized way of thrifting instead of the usual search through piles and racks of clothes. It’s very easy to find what you’re looking for and is also located in Kensington Market. They also specialize in mid-century modern furniture.

9. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, like Value Village, is a thrift shop chain that is meant to help underprivileged families. They are a foundation so the proceeds from their shop go to charity. They are also located across the city with department sized clothing and are very accommodating with every size need.

10. Courage My Love

Yet another thrift shop in Kensington Market, Courage My Love, specialized in vintage jewelry to complete and compliment those century pieces that you produced from other thrift stores. Complete your visit to the Kensington thrift scene at this shop to get your vintage statement piece!

Have you gone to a thrift shop in Toronto lately? What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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