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Places To Stay In London If You Are On A Budget

Places To Stay In London If You Are On A Budget

Although London is a pretty expensive city, there are a lot of places to stay if you are on a tighter budget. Aside from the obvious choice of staying with a friend, you can opt for a hostel, a budget hotel or a cute Airbnb. You probably already have a preference when it comes to places to stay, so it’s going to be easy enough to narrow down the options.

The places to stay in London really depend on the places you want to visit. So before you begin your search for accommodations, make a short list of the places you’d like to visit. Your biggest expense in London is probably going to be transport, as London transport tends to be quite spenny. If you are on a tight budget, look for places you can stay that have a good bus routes. Buses will definitely save you money on transport. They are also great for sightseeing. That is, they are great for exploring more of London without all the walking. 

This article provides a few options of places to stay, which should deliver on a quality experience. If you have any more recommendations or think any of these recommendations is not the best, feel free to share your thoughts. 

Here are some tips on places to stay in you are on a Budget in London.

Staying With A Friend 

When in London it’s always best to stay with a friend. So if it’s not obvious enough, call up your friend who lives in London and go visit them. Not only will you get to sleep somewhere for free, but you’ll have someone to show you around or at least give you recommendations on where to go. You might also get to experience London in more of a ‘locals’ way. You can get to know some local cafes and shops, which are probably not well-known. And it can be a great way to reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Be careful if it’s a friend of a friend, though, that might be a bit awkward.

Good Hostels 

 Clink 78 Hostel 

This is one of the best hostels for backpackers in London. It’s in a pretty good and well connected, so you’ll get to ‘attractions’ pretty quickly. They also have a downstairs bar that serves very reasonably priced drinks. If you’ve been to other hostels, you’ll know what this one is like, it’s pretty average. But good average. Keep in mind that the UK doesn’t deal well with hot summers and the place could get a bit stuffy, but that’s just how London is in the Summer. 

Promising review on Totally fine. Beds were sturdy and comfy. Atmosphere was fun and location was good. Felt safe whole time.

Places To Stay In London If You Are On A Budget


If you want to stay at a central location on a budget, this might be the perfect fit. This is a nice, bright and clean hostel located in the centre of London, as you may have guessed – in Soho. It’s made with comfort and budget in mind so you are definitely getting your value for money with this one. 

Promising review on The location of hostel is excellent. There are a lot pf places to eat. The service was good. The staff was good. The food was tasty. I like the hostel in depth and overall.

Places To Stay In London If You Are On A Budget


The Dictionary Hostel

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If you are less interested in the sights and central London and more interested in trendy food and drink locations, vintage shopping and all that jazz – this is going to be a great match. This hostel is located in Shoreditch, one of the trendiest places in London. Aside from being right next to some of the coolest bars and the best food, you would also have a bus which conveniently takes you to central. It might not be the best fit if you are not a party person. 

Promising review on I think this hostel is in an excellent location because there is a lot to explore in Shoreditch. The busses and trains were easily accessible too. The shower and bathrooms in the rooms were convenient but also pretty tiny and not always clean. Overall, I loved my stay because I think this hostel attracts fun travelers who are looking to meet others and just have a good time. I would stay here again.

Places To Stay In London If You Are On A Budget


Best Cheap Hotels

If hostels are not your favourite places to stay, there are also reasonably priced hotels you can stay at during your visit. It really all depends on what you are planning to see, how much you want to travel, etc. Some good options to take a look at would be Best Western Victoria Place (close to Victoria Station)Premier Inn + Hub by Premier Inn (plenty of locations to chose from at a decent price) and The Z Hotel Soho (modern compact hotel in Soho). 

What you can expect from a budget hotel is basically a compact, but nice space. These places to stay offer modern, clean and comfortable rooms, which tend to be smaller than the rooms in more expensive hotel. They are maximising the space so they can offer you a premium experience at a good price. It’s kind of like walking in the room of a luxurious hotel, but without all the empty space. 

How To Airbnb

If you are going to be looking at Airbnbs, make sure you are staying somewhere close to the places you want to visit. Otherwise you will spend all your money on travel. A more expensive Airbnb in a better location may turn out to be the same price (if not cheaper) than a less expensive Airbnb which makes you travel everywhere. 

Be mindful of the weather and the building. Insulation is not great in a lot of older buildings in London, so you might have to pack a sweater for sleeping in winter, or be prepared to sweat all night in summer. 

Do you have any recommendations for places to stay in London? Share in the comments.

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