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10 Places To See In The South

10 Places To See In The South

10 Places To See In The South

The South, as most people imagine, isn’t full of yee-haw’s and nothing to do! It contains some of the most beautiful, historic sites as well as entertaining tourist attractions. Whether you’re more of a history buff, beach bum, or adrenaline junkie, there are plenty of things to do and places to see in the golden southern states!

Williamsburg, VA

If you are into America’s history then Virginia is definitely the state to visit in the south! Go back in time and experience the colonial era in Williamsburg. Full of historic attractions and tours, it is one of the oldest colonial towns in America. Home to the College of William and Mary, one can enjoy long walks on cobble stone streets coffee in hand. There are a ton of rustic bars, shops, and coffee places all with a lovely colonial vibe.

Jamestown, VA

Another fantastic place for history buffs is no doubt the famous Jamestown. Left almost as it was found, the historic town is a must see for those super interested in America’s origins. One can check out the cabins, ships, learn what life was like back then, and learn a bunch of interesting information on American first colony!


Charleston, SC

Name a more colorful city than Charleston I dare you! This beautiful, old town definitely has a historic vibe as well as plenty attractions when visiting! It is widely known for its cobblestone streets, pastel antebellum houses, and Fort Sumter where the Civil War began.

Fort Sumter, SC

First shots fired here that started the great war! Ride along South Carolina’s coast and breathe in the fresh ocean air in Ft. Sumter while feeling the history!


Magnolia Plantation, SC

South Carolina is full of beauty but one of the more magical places is definitely the Magnolia Plantation. One of the oldest ones in the states, one can take a bus tour around the grounds or explore on their own. Full of beautiful Spanish moss trees and of course Magnolias, get your iPhone ready for some amazing shots!

New Orleans, LA

Speaking of colorful cities, NOLA is the place to party! It isn’t just a vibing town during Mardi Gras but almost every day of the year! You are guaranteed a fun experience full of live jazz music, drinks, dancing, and even some voodoo! It is never boring, always exciting, and has plenty of tourist attractions such as bayou boat tours, cemetery tours, and more! Be sure to try NOLA’s famous beignets, gumbo, and chickory coffee!


Oak Alley Plantation, LA

Many people don’t know much about the state of Louisiana besides that it is home to the party town of New Orleans. Hidden deep and in the middle of nowhere lies the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation in the town of Vacherie. Built in the early 1800’s one can experience pre civil war life..literally! You can even stay the night in the cabins on the grounds and have full access to the plantation and delight in authentic Southern meals!

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Savannah, GA

Life is peachy in beautiful and sweet Georgia! Savannah; a beautiful town known for lovely parks, horse-drawn carriages and of course gorgeous antebellum houses. Walk through the storybook- like Spanish moss trees while sipping on some sweet tea!

Miami Beach, FL

What happens in Miami never happened right?! The fun never ends in this spicy, Latin city! Be sure to hit the beach in your sexiest bikini because you never know who you will run into here (Enrique Iglesias???) Full of music, dancing, food, interesting people, and superrr hot sun this place is a must when on vacation.

Viscaya Museum and Gardens, FL

Near Miami, Florida lies the gem Viscaya Museum and Gardens. Built in a Spanish style, this gorgeous 1800’s mansion overlooks Versailles-like gardens and the ocean. Although it is a museum now, one can walk the grounds freely and take plenty of Insta-worthy photos. It is like walking through a beautiful jungle European style. One can enjoy afternoon tea while feeling like a queen there!


The South is full of adventure, sweet tea, and hospitality! You will always find exciting and beautiful places to see! What are some of your favorite places in the South?