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Places to Road Trip

Places to Road Trip

If you have not yet considered abandoning your lifestyle, selling all your furniture, buying an RV, and leaving the place you once called home to travel and explore the U.S., I give you a lot of credit. We have gotten to a point in life where there doesn’t seem to be a point, so instead, we choose to live with reckless abandon and leave it all. While traveling or running away won’t rid you of your problems, you will likely find quite a few nice places that will distract you from the general horrors of the world.
While you might not think this is you right now, give it another 10+ years to decide that maybe you want an escape. While you are still contemplating your life, here are the best places to road trip in the U.S.

Route 66

To begin your experience of life on the road, let’s start from Chicago to California to warm up our surroundings and rid our bodies of the seasonal depression we experience after one month of winter. From Chicago to Los Angeles is a slightly overkill 2,451 miles; however, with the inclusion of the interstate, this travel time gets shortened significantly. You will, of course, be taking the historic route 66 for a large portion of this drive, passing through beautiful desert and highway towns that only see the light of day from tourists. Regardless, this trip is a great one to start with to get a feel for driving life and experiencing a whole new world upon arrival in California.


The Loneliest Road

While experiencing all of California, continue your travel journey along the Backbone of America. Often referred to as the loneliest road, route 50 runs for about 300 miles through Ocean City, Maryland to, you guessed it, California. This is a lesser-traveled road which is how it got its nickname. You will likely feel like the only person in the world while driving this lonely path. If you start to have an existential crisis, don’t worry, there are shops along the way where you might find one or two humans.

Highland Scenic Highway

If you are growing tired of the desert vibes, your next destination should be Virginia. The Highland Scenic Highway will enthrall you with beautiful mountains, evergreens, winding roads, and wildlife. This is the place to come in the fall, as the colors appearing from trees are absolutely stunning. Route 150 will take you a mystical 22.5 miles through the Monongahela National Forest in southeast West Virginia. There are plenty of hiking trails to overcome as well, making for an excellent Insta post. Don’t stay for too long, as there are many other places to go while you experience this brief existential crisis.


The Big Easy

There has been a lot of nature in this drive, so let’s mix it up with something less remote. Welcome to New Orleans or the Big Easy. This road trip should be started from Austin, Texas, to New Orleans. There is tons of history from one destination to another. New Orleans is, of course, known for its art, culture, music, mysticism, and food. Taking this trip to see all the common places from Texas to New Orleans is a great place to get out of the RV and get your body moving. Take time to visit the French Corridor, experience the food, and go to one of those raging parties. You will not be disappointed when you experience the whole heart of New Orleans.

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone is always on everyone’s road trip list for obvious reasons, but Grand Teton National Park should be right there at the top as well. Grand Teton National Park is about an hour away from Yellowstone and is one of those places that is still slightly off the radar. Signal mountain is, of course, one of the major highlights of this destination. At the top of this valley, you will overlook Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole. Experiencing these fantastic locations from high up gives you a panoramic view of some of the most breathtaking views in the U.S. Don’t forget to hike and experience these locations from the ground. You will not be disappointed.

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Chicago’s North Shore Drive

Of course, another city adventure will be Chicago’s North Shore Drive. If you want to combine a little green with towering skyscrapers, North Shore Drive is the place to do it. If you have never been to the city, there are tons to do that will keep you on your toes. Food in the city is outstanding, and the environments of these locations are even better. After traveling the 26 mile stretch of North Shore Drive, check out the bean, soldier field and then experience Chicago from a rooftop bar, preferably in summer.


Glacier National Park

While finding life and excitement in the city, let us end somewhere a little bit remote before we decide to go back to human civilization, which is entirely a mistake. Glacier National Park is only available once all the snow melts, typically in June. This place will make you feel connected to the sun when you travel Going to the Sun Road. You will also probably experience some unique wildlife trying to avoid the human population. Don’t be surprised if you see a family of bears walking across some of the main roads. You might want to stay in this area to experience the outstanding nature, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Given the likelihood that you will never want to go home, there are tons of other options for you to travel, hike, kayak, explore, and experience before going back to that 9-5 job. Many hesitate to leave their families, but there is so much for you to experience that it is difficult to say no. Take a leap of faith and see for yourself some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring locations to road trip in the U.S. Change your environment around to see the world from a new point of view.

What are your favorite road trip memories and destinations?