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5 Places To Put Your Desk In Your Dorm For Optimum Studying

Finding the optimum studying spot in your dorm can be difficult, especially when your roommate is taking the best spot in the room. It might take you a couple of tries before you find the spot you like the best to study. That’s okay because everyone studies differently.

The optimum studying spot might be behind the door so nobody sees you unless they walk into your dorm. It might also be under your bed. I’ve seen students turn their bed into a bunk bed and move their desk so it becomes the bottom bunk. You might also like having your desk in the middle of the dorm room. It might be difficult to get around it, but you won’t be distracted by everything as much if it’s there instead of near a window.

1. Desk in the Middle of the Wall

Placing your desk in the middle of the wall is a good spot for optimum studying. You won’t be looking out the window and getting distracted that way, but you’re also in the middle of the room so you can still talk to your roommate if you want. You’re not completely isolated here, so it’s a good start. If you find that you are still getting distracted, you can always find a new spot for your desk.

You want to make sure you can get your studying done without being distracted by anything, but you also want to be able to communicate with your roommate. You don’t want to completely shut things out because you’re trying to study, but you want to study more than you talk. Optimum studying is difficult because nobody wants to study, so the key is to place your desk where you know you’ll get the most studying done. Placing your desk in the middle of the wall means it’s far enough away from the window, so you’re not distracting yourself with the outside world, and you’re far enough away from the door, so when you’re roommate walks in and out it won’t distract you.

2. Desk Next to the Window

The next location I would try for optimum studying is next to a window. You don’t want to place your desk in front of the window yet. This is just next to it because you won’t get as distracted if you’re next to the window. You’ll get some sunlight, which helps with studying, so that’s a bonus. It also will give you a chance to take some breaks to look out the window.

For optimum studying, you don’t want to be studying for three hours straight because you won’t remember any of that. So taking breaks and looking out the window is a good way to study. It also would be nice to open the window and get some fresh air while you’re studying. Dorm rooms can get pretty hot, and that makes studying difficult sometimes. You don’t want to spend hours looking out the window and getting distracted, though. I’ve done that before and it makes studying hard. You want to split the time between studying and taking breaks, so that’s why you should start with putting your desk next to a window instead of completely facing the window. It will save your grades in the end, believe me.

3. Desk Facing the Window

Optimum studying can sometimes be benefitted by looking out the window completely. This spot works better if you’re on the first floor of your dorm building because you can actually look at the scenery if you’re facing it directly. The sunlight might be in your eyes, which will make it difficult to see your textbooks or the computer screen, but it’s still nice to be in front of the window.

This optimum studying spot might be difficult to get to, though, because your roommate might want it, too. Dorms usually only have one window, so you’ll have to talk to your roommate about having the window. Usually, something can be worked out and if you ask nicely, they’ll let you have it. You don’t want to get too distracted with this spot, though. Just because you can spend hours staring out the window to people-watch, it doesn’t mean you should do that. You still want to be studying so you can get good grades. It is nice to have the sunlight coming into your room, though. And being able to open up the window when it gets warm out is always nice, too. It helps to keep you focused.

4. Desk Away From the Window

Sometimes the optimum studying spot for you will be against the wall directly across from the window. You won’t be distracted anymore if you use that wall. You can still get the sunlight from the window, so you’re not completely cut off from everything the window does for you. But it might be better for you if you like people-watching and not doing your work.

See Also

This might be your fourth optimum studying spot or this might be your first. If you know you get distracted easily, try this spot first. If you don’t usually get distracted, then try placing your desk in front of the window. I liked having my desk in front of the window, but I always got distracted really easily. So my roommate and I swapped desk locations and I put mine behind the door. It was a much better spot for me, not that I didn’t get distracted, though. Placing your desk on the opposite wall of the window might help you study better, or it might make studying worse. You can always move your desk around, but bringing your grades up when you’re failing is difficult to do. 

5. Desk in the Corner of the Room

This is probably one of the best spots in your dorm for optimum studying. Finding a corner to put your desk near might be difficult to do, but it will definitely be worth it. This can be on the window wall or it can be across from the window. It doesn’t matter because the corner does the same no matter which wall you use. 

Being able to study is the most important thing in college, so finding the right spot to put your desk is one of the most important things in your dorm room. But you can keep moving your desk around until you find where you like to study the best, so just remember that. It might take a while to find the best spot for optimum studying, but as long as you find it, the process doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is how much studying gets done? So don’t get distracted by the window or your friends outside. Make sure you get the studying done so you can go and enjoy some time with your friends at the end of the day. It will be worth it.

I know I only mentioned a few desk locations for optimum studying, so if I missed one you like to use, please feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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