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10 Places To Meet New Guys IRL

10 Places To Meet New Guys IRL

Dating in this day and age can be very hard. Many resort to online dating, but that is not for everybody. It is hard to meet guys in real life. Most of us do not where to start then. The biggest part is going out often and knowing where to go to scope out for guys. When you are approaching these guys, it is best to start off as friends. It will take some of the pressure off yourself, and you develop your romantic relationship more organically.  This article will share 10 places where you can meet guys IRL. 

1. Regular restaurants/cafes you go to 

If you are a regular at a local cafe or restaurant, you will begin to notice other people who are as well. When you realize those people, it gives you guys something in common, and it makes it easier to talk to them. The easiest way to approach them is to start a conversation like how you would speak to a friend. Maybe they have ordered something you have always wanted to try, or maybe you guys happen to order the same thing. These are simple conversation starters that can help you. When all else fails, just smile and say hello.

2. Clubs/ Meetup groups 

Joining clubs and groups can open you up to meet many new people. The clubs and meetups are usually centered around things that you already know that you guys have in common. For example, if you have joined a club for hikers, then you know all the guys there are into hiking like you are. This will gives you guys stuff to talk about together. The environment is also less intimate since you are in a group. This will take some of the pressure off of you. You will not have to worry about things seeming weird because everyone is there to chat and get to know each other. 

3. Single people mixers 

If you want to be around other single folks, then try out attending a single mixer. If you are scared to go alone, you can always bring some single friends along with you. The mixer you choose can also surround certain hobbies that you enjoy, like cooking, board games, or just spending time in a bar. Being around a group of people will take away some of the anxiety you may feel with meeting new guys. This would be best enjoyed with a few friends to tag along with you. 

4. Bookstore

Love books? Why not try and see who is around one of your local bookstores? You can guarantee that almost everyone in the bookstore has some sort of interest in reading like yourself. Maybe you find a guy that’s into the same genre as you are. Many Barnes & Noble have a Starbucks attached, so you can always leisurely hang out there as well.

5. Library 

People that frequent the library are usually studying or very laid-back people. Libraries are a great place to find like-minded guys that share the values or personality like you. So if you go to the library often, take a look and notice if there are any cuties around you.

6. Work/Class 

Work and classes are great places to meet guys. Those are places where a lot of guys are in the same position as you. Those will be guys that are in the same place in life as you, so it takes out a lot of guesswork on figuring out if he is the right one or not. You have more time to get to know him on a personal level, like a friend. You spend most of your time at work or at school, so this is a great opportunity to meet someone special.

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7. Bars 

I am not saying that you will find Mr. Right at a car, but you have to get your feet wet when it comes to dating, Interacting with guys in real life can really intimidating, but you can have comfort in knowing that you probably will not see any guys from the bar anywhere else. I would definitely advise that you don’t do this alone though. It can be a dual-purpose event,  hanging out with your girls, while scoping out guys. Bars are probably the easiest and most simple way to meet new guys in IRL. 

8. Parties with mutual friends 

I know there’s nothing more comfortable than to do nothing on your weekend, but sometimes you need to go out. This means to not reject every invitation you get to go to a party. You have to go out and take risks in order to find your guy. Going to parties among mutual friends is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and guys. 

9. Go to a local event with a buddy

Each town usually has there own special set of events. Sometimes there are seasonal parades, festivals, markets, etc. You can always attend these with a buddy to put yourself out there. Meeting new guys can be hard, so the simplest thing you can do is just go out and have fun. Sometimes when you go to places with little to no expectations, you end up finding it. Focus on having fun with your friend, but if you see a cute guy, do not be scared to chat him up and see where things go.

10. Volunteer work 

Volunteer work is something important that many of us should try, whether you are trying to meet new guys or not. Volunteer work can be a multipurpose activity. You can add the work onto your resume while also putting yourself out there to see what is available.For example, if you love dogs, try and volunteer at your local animal hospital. If you encounter any other guys there, you know that they love animals, just like you. There will also be multiple opportunities to have conversations with them. 

What places would you go to scope out guys? 

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